Waving Goodbye to Fear

February 6, 2011
Once it captures you, surviving becomes nearly impossible. Listening to the whoosh and splash of the powerful waves paralyzed me with overwhelming fear. With its two titanic arms towering above your head and its colossal mouth ready to violently suffocate you, the ferocious wave can end your life in the blink of an eye. Worst of all, the beast can duplicate itself throughout the entire vastness of the sea, ensuring to choke you into agonizing death. I tried to erase the thought of drowning out of my head, determined to overcome my phobia once and for all.

While I was standing on the desolate beach, I recalled the countless times I refused to attend swimming parties and field trips for fear that I would be engulfed between the monster’s treacherous arms. I even abstained from swimming with my cousins in the Philippines, whom I did not see in 6 years, because I was too craven to risk my life being costricted by the malevolent wave. I was tired of having my life controlled by this creature. As I walked closer to the water that lurid, windy night, I watched the predator covertly search for an innocent victim. When the wave disappeared for a couple of seconds, I carefully snuck behind the beast and positioned myself on top of my surfboard. The monstrous wave rapidly reappeared and I prepared myself for battle.

The horrendous wave immediately tried to haul me into its massive mouth. Fortunately, I expected this attack and quickly swerved out of the way. I weaved left and right, confusing the weakened brute. Then, I withdrew two enormous stones from my pockets and accurately threw them into its blood-red eyes. With its vision blocked and its arms unable to grasp me, I hurriedly ascended onto its head. I surfed on top of the wave, restraining its head until it shrunk in defeat. Crash! The monster slammed into the shore, signaling my victory I heaved a sigh of relief and triumphantly yelled, “Veni, vidi, vici!". My fear surrendered to me, and my apprehension towards drowning disappeared into my past.

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jjwil82 said...
Feb. 21, 2011 at 8:56 pm
This is soooo descriptive. You are such a "showy" writer! Truly this is a gift you should nuture!
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