The Last Goodbye

February 12, 2011
By Addictedtopurple BRONZE, Paramus, New Jersey
Addictedtopurple BRONZE, Paramus, New Jersey
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"Given the freedom to do what they please, people usually tend to imitate eachother."~[Eic Hoffer: The True Believer]

So there I was. Just as he told me to be, oh so long ago. My back pressed up against his favorite oak, and my legs held tight against my chest. My eyes searched for a word of his presence. A hint, maybe… Perhaps just the slightest difference in the fog that oh so ominously crept merely inches above the ground where so many misfortunate souls now lay. But to no avail.

Though my eyes searched and searched, tediously, they came up short each intricate scan across the view. I could not see but a face, and I could not hear but a word uttered through his cold, frost bitten lips. I sighed remembering those lips… How they were not always so bitter… Remembering the way they were before they became time’s dead victim…
I would let my mind wander, around the soft, the pink fleshy warmth of his lips, the way they would just fit perfectly against mine, and the way they sounded my name like a sweet symphony of finely tuned violins. “Annabella.” But that warmth, that luscious pink shade of life… It’s gone. Viciously struck from his core, and what does he have to show for it, but a laying corpse, rotting beneath the earth’s surface.
I waited a bit longer, as the fog grew. As the seconds ticked away at my life, the thick fog grew murky, as well as a shade of green the human eye would only see before dying themselves. This was what I was waiting for. The moment had come for us to finally reunite. The fog crept up to the oak, and through it I heard the eerie winds of the north, calling upon me.
My lips stretched into their last smile, as my eyes took in their last view. I could hear his voice –though cold and dead- as the fog began to climb up the tree… “Let the wind take its last blow, let the fire take its last burn. Let the rain drip once more against your glorious skin. Let the earth dwell on goodbyes, as you gently close your eyes…Annabella, let your death begin…”

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