Cab Driver.

People expect me to hate my job. But it’s nothing more than being paid to people watch without the fear of accused eavesdropping.

She came off as spoiled, the type that called on her parents to pay for everything she ever wanted. She gave me a look like she expected me to get out and open the door for her, I returned it with a look of ‘go get a limo if you want to be waited on hand and foot.’ She was talking on the phone and after about five minutes, I gathered it was one of her parents telling her she’d been spending too much money. (she took it to heart judging by the tip she left me.) She argued with the phone the entire drive, though I believe she only needed to go a few blocks. Had she not I like to think I would’ve asked her about her dilemma. Asked her if there was anything I could do. There wasn’t of course, but maybe she’d think me charming and we’d fall in love. I wondered if her boobs were real. I wondered our age difference. I wondered why I’d ever want to be in a relationship with a shallow snob. She was beautiful.

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