Enlightened like a stubby..... Pt. 2

February 6, 2011
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After my waking of the lateness I took a quick shower and headed to the crayola crayon blue car. There waiting for me was my young early thirties mother. As I open the side of the car with the broken rear view mirror, my mom bobs me with questions.
" why were you not here before I was like I told you to." she asked. I really had no response for her liking but just as I was getting ready to make a bold face lie " ssllaapp!", " I told you about waking up late" she said as I rubbed my pinkish red bruise on the side of my face, " just for being late, you're on punishment for another week." I really wanted to yell at the world right know but my face was killing me and yes I was distracted. Instead I just scooped up my bag and got out of the car and started to walk. I was really p*ssed and was in no mood to be bothered with.
To be continued!

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