The Night Whispers

February 9, 2011
The darkness between loathing and love is only understandable for the unfortunate and the wretches that in the night. The most I could make of this journey I was willing to take, is that it would progress to the deepest part of my god forsaken mind.

This is not a journey of endurance, rather than a journey of the mental abyss. Who knew that your own mind could swallow all you have for in seconds, I was one of the fools who believed that I could never be fazed by the passing of time. I now realize that time goes on, and so does the sands of darkness that slowly caresses this forsaken dimension we call Earth.

This world is twisted and cruel, and no one truly knows why they are in these tainted lands. I know everyone has a purpose in life, but life is only the first chapter if eternal book of darkness. We are like the body of a poor soul beneath, in time we face our inevitable fate. The only thing worse then life, is suffering of great depression and death beneath our solid core. The next chapter is death; we slowly rip out the pages of yesterday.

It seems when I lay my cold hands on something great, it always seems to become as wretched as I am. I feel as if my many faults and wrongs I have done are slowly catching up to the occurring day.

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