February 9, 2011
By bucketlove BRONZE, North Canton, Ohio
bucketlove BRONZE, North Canton, Ohio
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I am the queen

I am lamenting, quietly slaughtering, the blood that is spilled is yours.

You would love the life of a noble. Pretty dresses, delectable food, and servants to perform all the menial tasks just for the sake of making your life easier. Everything is for you. The country, the money, the people, the armies the parties, the gifts—

W O R L D.

A bit too bad it all actually isn't yours. It's hers, the queen's. The bloody matriarch on a throne supported by the skulls of your allies. To even look at her is a crime most likely to be confronted with death. Pitiable, isn't it? Well, she is the queen, after all. Her word is law. Her wish is your command. But you aren't a genie, or a wizard, or a slave. Although you might as well be, considering the state you're in, both physical and emotional.

It would be rather nice if she just went away, to go into battle and just never came back. That woman, and her bloody army marching off into an abyss. Yes, wouldn't it be nice if that woman, and her bloody army never came back? Maybe then you would be free. You, your family, your friends, and everyone else living in this godforsaken state of monopolization would be birds.

Maybe an army of its own would form, rising to take the tyrant queen and everything she held near and dear to her small, hateful heart. Although somewhere, someone might feel like a non-conformist.

aren't we just becoming
H Y P O C R I T E S ?

What a load of s***.

People are starting to actually look this way, though. Which could prove an issue. Because you really can't have a rebellion within a rebellion, can you? No, society never should function that way. That is how the future of a nation is demolished. That's what we're for, right? The future of our nation? Yes, that's right. Your nation, his nation, our nation, the nation that we fought for like a bunch of barbarians. Let's not let the skulls of our allies be burdened by the queen any longer. That is why we cannot allow this sliver of an idea to live. It's for the better, trust us.

It would be better if the leader of this radicalism was executed, but in secret, of course. We can't have his pawns and followers thinking we're against them, can we? After all, everything we do is for the best. Everything we do is for your family. Be grateful, if not for our guiding light, what would there be? Our country would be assimilated into that witch's empire, and we just can't have that. We've got the strength to fight back, so why not? It's all pretty simple, this plan of ours.

the queen must
D I E.

I will not suffer this oppression, or will my country. That is why I am doing this, stepping into a lion's den. A leader must kill a queen in order to become one. Everything will be mine. I'll have the world on a string and liberation for my people. I must be strong, defeat the tyrant matriarch, and become ruthless, or all will be lost. I will have her die at any cost. Any of her soldiers, any nations, any man, woman, or child to defy my beliefs will be slaughtered. It's all for the good of my new empire! Let's all share the wealth. Let's all become successful. Let's all become one nation under a magnificent new queen. Although I must wonder—

has she suffered
A S I H A V E?

I am the queen

I am repenting, quietly dying, the blood that is spilled is ours.

The author's comments:
A little drabble about a SNAFU, but who's?

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