The Nightmare

February 9, 2011
I had the strangest dream last night. It started off as follows: Garion and I entered a large building filled with beautiful things, and many many rooms. Someone was throwing a party, where anyone could stay the night and play video games and watch movies all night long. Garion saw a friend of his and went off to talk to him. I wandered around, looking for someone i knew. I opened a door, the lights were off but a TV was on. Bobby was sitting on a futon in the middle of the room, playing a violent video game. Winnie was nowhere to be seen. I entered the room and sat by bobby for a while, watching him play the game. He stopped playing after a while and looked at me like he'd just realized I'd entered the room. Maybe he had. We talked for a while about our lives. About Winnie, and Garion. About Trey and Katherine. About Kitty. By the end we were both crying from frustration, from sadness, devastation. We hugged each other for comfort, nothing more. An embrace from another sad, confused soul. It didn't last long, and just as we were pulling away from each other Winnie opens the door. I realized how it looked, our eyes were wet and red, hair messy from running our hands through our own hair in frustration as we had talked. We were face to face when pulling away. Winnie got angry and ran out of the room. I followed her, wanting to prove that there was nothing happening but two old friends trying to make sense of their lives. She had disappeared down a hall way, and i followed at full speed. I ended up at the parking garage, which sealed it self off at night from the outside world. Garion had seen me running, and had followed me into the garage.

I told him I was looking for Winnie. He didn't question why, and helped me start looking. Before we had gotten 10 feet from the door, everything went to hell. The other people in the garage started screaming. Something, that moved to fast to see, started throwing cars into the air. A few cars exploded on impact with the concrete. Others merely flipped over. When it calmed down, people started to scatter to doors, cars, anywhere they might be safe. The doors were locked, so there was no escape. My younger sister, Allie, hid in an black SUV. Whatever the creature was singled her out. He flipped the car. She fell out, and the SUV landed on her. She cried and screamed for a while, then all was silent again. Allie was dead. And i could do nothing. The cars started getting thrown around the room. I saw Trey and Katherine. Katherine was on her knees crying and screaming. Trey was frantically looking for somewhere they could be safe. Little did he know, there would be no safety. Not for anyone. Garion was gone, I couldn't find him anywhere. Everything felt so very real. I could feel the ash and soot all over my skin. I could feel the gash in my forehead and leg. Feel the blood running down my body. I limped, and tried not to cry out with every step. Something hit my hard in the head, and I passed out. When i awoke, everything was quiet. Except for the crackle of still burning fires. There were no sirens, no cries. nothing. No one cared. Everyone I had ever cared very much about had died. Even people I never personally liked, but still wouldn't have wished this on. Garion was still nowhere to be seen. And there still was not a whisper of a sound. nothing of a survivor. not until i made it outside. i found a strange woman with black hair and very dark skin. She was covered in blood and ash as well, and i couldn't tell if it was hers or not. I helped her up, and we limped to the highway. After a while a truck pulled up and we caught a ride to a nearby hotel. It was in the middle of the woods, but we were too tired to care. We crashed there for the night. Cleaned up when we woke in the morning. She accompanied me when i made the trip to Gary Wycliffe's house. It was a small blue trailer. Frilly, white ruffled curtains in the windows. We entered a white carpeted room. My mother, grandmother, Gary, and others i didn't know were sitting in the room. They had grim looks on their faces. They told me the reason they wanted me there was to tell me who had survived the fire, and mass murder of the night before. I wasn't going to enjoy the news. I woke up as the were going to tell the first victim.

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