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February 9, 2011
By Morgan52 BRONZE, Thermopolis, Wyoming
Morgan52 BRONZE, Thermopolis, Wyoming
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Favorite Quote:
If you love someone then set them free, Who really knows what love is.

Before I met him I never thought I would see an angel just like he was. He had perfect brown hair, body of an athlete, and voice like an angel. He was a football player. That’s when I saw him, at his practice. I was a cheerleader; I have brown hair with blonde highlights, not very pretty. That’s when I thought that he was the one. When I looked at him I saw the kids and the house that I wanted when I was a little girl. I looked up from looking at the ground and I found his eyes on me, I blushed and looked away. He was the person I wanted to be with. As our practice got over so did the football practice.
“Oh I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to”
I looked up to see him getting close to me as he helped me pick up my books.
“Oh, hey, sorry about that, didn’t mean to” His voice sounded of an angel.
“No, it’s my fault I need to watch where I’m going.”
I looked up in his eyes, and started to studder, he puts his hand on my cheek softly.

“And that’s how I met your father”.

I looked at my two kids, Jackie and Drake. Jackie was the oldest by a good year, I had her when I was 27; she was the joy of my life. Jackie has dark brown and black hair that was long. Really tall, (she got it from her father). I had Drake when I was 28. He has brown short hair and brown eyes and he’s short (he got that from me) my husband Jesse looks like Drake. He has short brown hair, brown eyes, and tall. Me and Jesse got married fresh out of high school at the age of 21. Ok maybe not fresh, but that’s what I get all the time. But we got married in the beach; my dress was white, strapless short in the front and long in the back.
“I love being married it’s so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.”

Soon after the wedding me and him went to sky dive, it was the most fun thing I have done in my life, so far.

I was so happy I finally had the little girl and little boy I have always wanted, the husband I always dreamed of. It was my dream come true. Jesse and I finally had the family we always wanted. On my 24th birthday my father passed away, I will keep a smile on my face and in my heart even when I’m in pain. I always said that to myself, I can still remember crying in Jesse’s arms all night. I knew it hurt him but I couldn’t help it, when we went back to my home town, I cried all the way there again in my husband’s arms. When we finally got back home Jackie and Drake were sleeping in their beds.
“I’m really sorry that I cried so much”
“No its fines don’t worry about it my love”

That day I went to a dance try out, and I got the part. So one day when we were in practice, I started to feel weird, I couldn’t see straight and I felt sick to my stomach, one minute I’m up and dance and the next I wake up, hearing people panic and yelling. Then I felt the hand that started my life softly on my cheek, and then again nothing, finally I came to, I was in the hospital and saw that Jesse was sitting on the bench across the room. I look up and see the bright lights and I could feel the I.V in my arms. I was looking at Jesse when he finally looked at me. I could see that he has been crying, it tour my heart. The doctor told him that I had a brain tumor and that I don’t have that long to live. Jesse and I cried all night in each other’s arms, the fact scared me that I had only so long to live, and that I wouldn’t be the happy mother and the wonderful wife I was. I was going to die, we didn’t know when but I was, that was enough to mess up every thing I worked for, everything I live for. Somewhere between the time I fell asleep. When I awoke in the morning in my loves arms, I got up and went to check on the kids. They were sleeping like angels. When I walked back into my bedroom Jesse was up and was talking on the phone. I really didn’t listen but I did hear that he was explaining to his mom how I was going to die soon and that he didn’t know how to live with out me. So from that day on, I lived my life with no regrets, lived on the edge and never stopped. I took the family to Disney world. I spoiled my kids as much as I could do what ever they wanted to. When Jackie was 69 and Drake was 68, was when I turned 100. I spent the whole day with Jackie and Drake and Jesse was by me, all crying the whole day. Then at night when we were having my birthday, the thunder & lighting started. A tree on the branch broke and the light went out. So did the candles on the cake and so did my life.

The author's comments:
How i wanted my life to go

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