The Unforgiven

February 9, 2011
When your in a city full of crime and police running around like fruit flies around fresh fruit, you would probably find gangs that have wars with other gangs, smoke, and drink. Visitor City is home to the most dangerous gang in the city. They’re know as the Unforgiven . They run from police and depending on the situation they will injure, immobilize, or tranquilize the police to keep themselves alive. The gang has been successful for ten years and is still going strong. Jeff the leader of the gang was caught and arrested by the police for grand theft auto of the Governor’s Lamborghini Gallardo.
“Okay Jeff let’s review. You are now a civilized man now am I correct?” asked the police officer.

“Your looking at a new man sir,” replied Jeff

“Well then I will say good bye. Just remember don’t travel on to the road you were just on.” Explained the police officer.

There is a rumble that is heard in the distance as the rest of the gang arrives to pick up there leader.

“Good to see you boss. How did it go?”

“It depends. There was this one guy in there who tried to beat me up because I sat where he was sitting. Plus the person I was sitting next to on my right was his girl friend. Trust me this girl was the ugliest thing I have ever seen. She was fat and this guy was in perfect physical condition and chose to date an elephant. He must have been really desperate to want to date that women.”

The gang laughed so hard that every bodies gut and lower stomach area were in extreme pain.
“Jeff I hate to break this to you but when we get back to our club, we need to talk.” Jack said with a look on his face that reminds the whole gang except for Jeff about what could happen at noon the next day. As Jake starts up his motor cycle the whole gang follows as they make there way to their club. To get to their club they have to ride on the straightest road in the whole city area. There is nothing that can compare to the blue sky, the silence of the light wind that goes past the men’s ears, the dust tornadoes that surround the gang as they race by at 80 miles per hour, and to top it all off the beautiful tan sand that surrounds them on their fifteen mile journey. The club was in the horizon as the gang was only three miles away. As the gang arrives at the gate of their club, Jeff says the password and the gargantuan gate opens with a creak.
“Home sweet home.”
“But the problem is that this amazing heaven might not be ours for long and we might all be injured, in jail, or even dead.


The Unforgiven loaded up on the brand new tranquilizing bullets.

“These will help us with our problems”

“What is going on here I thought we were going to celebrate my return to home!”

“We will but-”

“No buts! WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON HERE!?!?!?” Jake questioned furiously.

“The Long Range Riders gave away our location of our club to the police. We will all be dead. We are using the brand new tranquilizing bullets so that we save lives. The Long Range Riders and the police will be using real bullets. We gave the snipers the new X-ray vision scope. It comes with a thermal imagery mode which makes sure that the snipers don’t see through the enemies cloths.” Jeff explained.

There are snipers who hide in plain sight with camouflage on. Every time Some one walks or drives by, the snipers are trained to immobilize anyone who trespasses in the area. Once the person is hit, they will be questioned on why they were in the area. If the person is Innocent, they will either be sent to the hospital or taken home. The Unforgiven has a reputation of lying. Jeff beat his way through the lie detector at the V.C.P.D. (Visitor City Police Department).

The Long Range Riders are popular for their ability to sneak around and being the biggest tattle tailing club in the whole city. Thanks to one of the snipers ability to hack into the police radio, Jake was able to be given the information.

The next day 11:30 A.M........

“The time has come. After every thing that has happened to us this is where we leave the biggest mark in Visitor City. We will show them that we are not mindless killers but that we are tactical and smart enough to have planned this out. They might have all of the V.C.P.D. on us but we will not quit without a fight.” Jeff said to all the gang members as they load up for what might be the last hours of there lives.
“Melvin!” Jake yelled
“What is it boss?”
“Can you shoot a sniper rifle.”
“I’m the best marksman in the world. I have won every tournament in the world.” Melvin answered.

“Good you will lead our group of snipers to their destination. Here you go. this is the best sniper rifle in the business. I’m giving you real incendiary rounds because if one of us gets into trouble, there will be no need for that person to stay alive.
“Why is that sir?” Melvin asked.
“They will know who we are and try again.” Jake replied.
Jake, Jeff, and the rest of the gang waits outside. The snipers all run to the dunes on the left and right of the club. There is no sound accept for the wind that is passing by. Suddenly there is the sound of sirens and motorcycles in the distances. All the snipers accept for Melvin fire and each shot hits someone.

“Okay guys here they come,” Melvin warned in the hidden radio on his coat.
Everybody takes cover so that they don’t get shot. Five minutes after the arrival of the police and opposing gang, the whole area turned into a battlefield. People were getting hit from both sides. Blood was flying everywhere and there was screaming everywhere.
“Come on men we need to keep fighting. There is no turning back!” Yelled Jeff.
“I see one!”
“Left flank!”
After about three hours very few people were left only five police officers, two enemy gang members, Jake, Jeff, and Melvin were left.

“Melvin keep watch we are going in,” whispered Jeff.

“Roger that,” Melvin replied.
Jake took out the police and Jeff took out the remaining gang members. Or so he thought. Suddenly out of no where the leader of the Long Range Riders came out and pinned Jeff with a knife. Jeff kicked him off and they started attacking each other. Jeff’s knife was kicked out of his hand. The man took the knife right to Jeff’s throat.

“Oh my god. Melvin do something!” yelled Jake.

“I can’t get a clear shot. Jeff is in the way,” replied Melvin
“I don’t care take the shot!”
“KABOOM!!!!” the rifle shot an incendiary round that glowed out of the barrel. Not only did it hit the leader of the Long Range Riders, it also hit Jeff. They both fell to the ground with a thud.
“CALL 911!” screamed Jake.
“ Hello? Yes there has been a gang war and there is one dead and one who is barley alive and losing blood very quickly,” Melvin explained into his phone.
Ten minutes later, ten ambulances came to grab all of the bodies. They rushed Jeff to the nearest hospital and there was a funeral service for the leader of the Long Range Riders. All of the members were there. none of the members spoke of what happened.

Jake and Melvin stayed in the hospital with Jeff hoping that he would revive. Due to where the bullet entered, nobody would know if he would recover. The Unforgiven had left their mark. The only problem was there were only two guys that were actively in the group. Visitor City would be very quiet and more of a tourist attraction. The battle was on the news and was broad casted everywhere in the city. Nobody ever heard from the two remaining gang members for a long time.

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