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Pet Peeve Rant

February 4, 2011
By KobyObi4 BRONZE, Lemont, Illinois
KobyObi4 BRONZE, Lemont, Illinois
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"We live by faith not by sight." ---2 Corinthians 5:7

First of all, everybody that I know loves getting sucked into a good story. The most important thing is keeping that attention for every single page. I have had many of my friends point out a book that they like just because of the first sentence or page. Usually the first few pages grasp your attention and interest, and that’s what is supposed to happen. Most of the books that I have read are very interesting. But then, a few of them start to drag and suddenly the words don’t mean anything anymore. It’s like they are just black words on a white sheet of paper.

When you read a novel, it is supposed to keep your attention from cover to cover. Otherwise, it doesn’t get good ratings from you. Or, maybe you just don’t like the subject. Say for example you like adventure stories. If you get a top rated adventure story, you expect suspense and excitement throughout the WHOLE thing. You read the first few chapters and you think it’s really creative and has a lot of potential. So you then take it home from a book store or a library. You read a couple more chapters and you notice something funny. Towards the middle it starts to really get boring and it’s like it dries up. Then you’re disgusted that you spent your time and/or money with it. So you throw it aside and don’t even get to see what happens at the end. You don’t see if it picks up again. And that, when a book isn’t worthwhile throughout the whole entire thing, is my biggest pet peeve when it comes to reading other people’s writing. It happens to everybody sooner or later. But in my opinion, I think it is the most annoying thing in the world.

So, you heard me complain about my biggest writing pet peeve in this paper. It just seems that to me, it is important that a piece of writing has to stay on topic and remain interesting the whole way through. Otherwise who is going to read it? It is almost as if the author plays a mean trick on you. If he/she does that, then they lose fans and their books will become less and less popular. I know I’m probably over exaggerating a little here, but that’s just my point of view on the subject and that is also my biggest pet peeve when it comes to writing and writers.

The author's comments:
I wrote this for my Advance Creative Writing class in 10th grade. Our assignment was to say what our pet peeves were for other peoples writing.

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