Ride by Moonlight

February 4, 2011
By Collier Wimmer BRONZE, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Collier Wimmer BRONZE, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
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A ride by moonlight is one of those rare things one shall do or witness. If you are the type of person that loves the beauty of the sea, then answer this. Do you gather full enjoyment from feeling the brush of the cool water on your skin? For such people that hold such fascination with the life that is the ocean, this piece may be for you. For everyone else, this will be just as good. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine the sea breeze combing its way through the tresses of your hair. Feel the gentle spray against your skin. Hear soft breaks and falls of the waves. Kick up your feet as ringlets of sea foam curl around your ankles. Now breathe in deeply. Taste the salty tingle on the fresh air as it washes over your face. Picture the breathtaking, clear night. The stars and the moon come out to play and keep you company, keeping in tune with the song of the sea. Alright, have this gorgeous, perfect image within the swirling depths of your mind? Good. Hold onto it as you now glide, the ocean seeming to glide with you. You’re on a steed of purest white, her strands look as though they hold the stars themselves.

The spray of the sea hits you lightly. The cool night’s air seems to help you and your companion to fly in the moonlight. Faster now, the horse and you gallop along the shore. If stars had voices they would be laughing with glee at such a glorious sight. Your heart continues to race, you breathing coming out as excited pants, the shallow puffs being seen as glittering sparkles. Soon you start to feel a rush. There is something so magical about this moment but you don’t exactly know what. Moonlight bathes you with a warm sensation. It’s like someone pulling you into a comforting embrace. As you keep riding along, the sea proceeds with its dance and song. First, the melody of a blue whale starts off the music. The crashes and breaks of the waves remind you of symbols. The pounding beat of your heart would resemble that of a drum as the wind provides the voice of harmony. You are slowly becoming part of a perfect picture of fairytale.

Each night as you take this thrilling ride, you gather a new name or title. Moonlight Rider, Lunar Traveler, Stardust Guardian, Night Time Explorer, star lighter, and so many titles have been placed upon you. A starlit smile spreads, parting lips of deep purple hue. Now a question comes to you. What could the imagination of the one who christened you with such titles be thinking? Do they think you’re a myth made real for the youthful eyes to see? Perhaps, others see you as a being of magic that creates the very sea in which you glide along side. Or maybe, just maybe, you could be a night time goddess who brings the night with you in threads as you ride. Exciting thought, isn’t it?

The sunlight begins to peak over the sea, causing the water to shimmer brilliantly. The stars and moon start to fade and color streams across the sky, mixtures of purple, pink, and oranges. Daylight is coming and your ride must now end. Your companion stops and lets you down, her mane tickling the softness of your cheek, a light, simple caress. She nuzzles your neck affectionately. The next few moments seem like a dream, or a flash of a dream. Your outfit glows brightly, blurring out your vision for it shines pure white. Suddenly, the light fades and you’re able to see clearly. Your steed, it would appear, has fled as you watch the sunrise embrace the shore with light and warmth. Turning away from the sea, you’ll make a path back towards reality. Come back now, open your eyes, and take a breath. Wait a moment. Was that really a dream or could that have been truly real? Glancing down, you smile excitedly at seeing the glowing outfit and rush outside where night has fallen once more. Salty air hits your senses; soft melodies of a whale’s voice soothe the heart, playful ringlets of the ocean circle around your ankles, and the spray of the water sprinkles on your face. If all of this is real, how much hope dost thou have in everything else that couldn’t possibly be in existence? Before you ask this question, a mane of white brushes against your skin and that is all the answer you need. Once more, the sea and sky play their symphony and you vanish from sight. You are, once again, taking a ride by moonlight.

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