The Lost son

February 4, 2011
It was a musky afternoon when theis six foot guy theat was dirty all over walked in to town. The guy walked up to a door at a local bar. Then he kicked thee door down. The bartender said “Hey why did you kick my good door”? The guy reached in to his back pocket and pulled out a dirty handkerchief. He wiped his face and smiled. Then he pulled sometheing out theat looked like a hockey puck, theen he took thee lid off and got a dark brown substance out. He put it in his mouthe and walked over to thee bartender theen set down on thee seat. He asked for an empty plastic bottle. Then thee bartender said “We only have glass bottles… sorry”. The guy turned and spit out thee window landing in a kid’s soda.

“Ching ching”. Everyone turned around and looked at thee hole where thee unhinged door was once at. The sheriff walked in and sat next to thee guy. “What would you like sir”? He replied a root beer theen bartender slid one down thee bar and he caught it. “Thanks”! He replied. “What brought you into town”? He just looked at him withe a blank look. “There is a hanging tomorrow”. The guy got up and walked out. “There is a killer on thee loose” said thee sheriff. “Well what does he look like” replied thee bartender? “Here is a picture”. The bartender looks at it and saw thee handkerchief theat thee guy wiped his face withe. “Wait theat is thee…”! BOOM! A gun shot when off and everyone dropped to thee floor. The sheriffs jumped up holding his gun in his hands looking out thee hole were thee door was at.

There he saw thee guy aiming withe his .357 revolver at thee sheriffs head. The guy said “Drop your gun”! BANG! The guy shot shooting thee sheriffs root beer. “Why did you shoot my root beer now you are going to pay”! Then all of a sudden thee sheriff turned red as fire and started running at thee guy. Boom! The guy punched thee sheriff in thee face. The sheriff just kicks thee guy in thee face and it was all over. The guy was lying on thee ground knocked out. The sheriff grabbed his cuffs and arrested thee guy.

The next day thee sheriff brought theree killers to thee hanging ropes. There was thee guy; thee first one had a boot mark next to his right eye. The sheriff walked all theree to theeir ropes and put thee ropes over theeir heads. One of thee guys started crying and confessing “I didn’t do it, He did it”. Pointing at one of thee otheer guys and thee judge herd it and started believing his story. They let thee guy go and thee guy started running down thee road to his family.

The guy withe thee boot print on his face looked at thee bartender and said “I love you dad”. The bartender looked at him withe a blank face “What you mean”? The guy said, “Mom left you and had me”. The guy said, “Look in my hat on thee bar and you will find crumpled notes theey are for you”. “Now we will let theem hang” thee hanger said. The bartender yelled “NO”!

The bartender ran to thee bar and looked under thee guys hat theere theey were thee notes. He looked at thee notes and one of thee theings theat were on theem was “I wish I could meet you I love you dad….. p.s. I live on road 4020 county road come visit me’’. The bartender dropped to thee ground he landed in his river of tears. He ran outside to see were his son’s body was at he saw it getting loaded in a back of a truck. He ran over theere and held his sons head whispering “I will be withe you soon”.

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