The adventure of Ritz

February 8, 2011
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There once was a cracker named Ritz. He was scared of a kid named Oreos. He would always bully Ritz at lunch time. One day Ritz fell out of the bag. Ritz was lost in a gang of Lays. Then out of nowhere Doritos flies from the sky and eats all the Lays and flew away. Ritz started walking to the park and when he got there he saw his friend cheetos making out with his girlfriend Fruit loops. Ritz got super mad and ate cheetos. Fruit loops got so scared she jumped into a lake of milk but then a wild spoon came down and picked her up into the sky. The Ritz bag was stuck in a tree above Ritz. When Ritz climbed the tree to get the bag, there was nothing in the bag. Oreo ate it! Ritz tore Oreo in half and licked the cream. But Ritz never got to see his friends again.

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