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February 7, 2011
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i run frantically down the hall, carefully avoiding Mr. Rainer, my vice principal. I take a sharp right and begin down the eighth grade hall, students at their lockers look at me like i need to go to the insane asylum. i finally break through the steel red doors into our gym, i have no idea where to find them, but i need to do it fast. i run around towards the bleachers, my eyes searching frantically. finally i spot a gleaming silver spot by the boys varsity locker room door. i run and pick up the keys, relief flooding through me. i steadily run back down the halls until i stop right outside of room 350. i open the door just a crack to check if the room is clear.
it is.
so i walk in and go behind the old cracked wooden desk and get the metal safe box from under it. sitting down in the old rickety chair, i sit the box in my lap and slide the key into the lock and turn it.
i reach my hand inside and take it out. steadily unpeeling the carefully wrapped package, i move it upward, sliding it into my mouth. the creaminess relieves me.
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. . . .
i hear the door open and my social studies teachers comes in.
"Taylor, how'd you get my TWINKIES?!?!?!"

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