The Devil Lives across the Street

February 2, 2011
By Nishat PLATINUM, New York, New York
Nishat PLATINUM, New York, New York
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We lead our lives like water flowing down a hill, going more or less in one direction until we splash into something that forces us to find a new course.

The sound of rain hitting the sidewalk was all that I heard as I ran. Bits of blood dripped down the side of my face where the thing had scratched me. God, I didn’t think that the cut was that deep. Of course it is stupid! I think scolding myself. I turn my head slightly without stopping. Great the half-demons were still behind me. Suddenly another one appeared out of nowhere.

White and mangled it looked like an innocent little boy trying to find a parent. Now one eye was missing and the other dripped puss. There were raw patches of skin everywhere and it was almost going bald. It sneered and made a jump for me. Trying not to throw up I quickly tried to cut across the street and tripped on a pebble.

Strong hands caught me and I found myself looking into icy blue eyes.

“Are you okay? I thought I told you to wait.” Cain says.

Looking up he pushes me behind him and in one swift movement raises his hands and recites an incantation, banishing all the half-demons.

He turns back around and tries to take my hand.

“NO!” I scream and runaway, frequently tripping. Cain doesn’t try to run after me. But I know he was watching over me making sure I got home safely.

You must think I’m mental, right? Running away from my savior….. my extremely hot savior. At 6ft. 1 with raven black hair that framed his angelic face, Cain was every 16 year olds dream. The only problem? That beauty hid something every important.

Cain was a full blooded demon. From his head to his toes.

“Do you understand? I’m here for you now.”
“Do you understand? I’m here for you now.”
“Do you understand? I’m here for you now.”
“Do you understand? I’m here for you now.”

Those two sentences just keep running through my head. Those were the first words He uttered to me. I can still imagine what He looked like on that first day. So innocent and I was a fool to believe Him.

I slow to a walk as I turn onto my street.

GOD I can’t even escape Him here. He lives right across the street from me in a big Japanese style house.

Guess it’s easier to keep tabs on your victim if you live right across the street from her.
I fumble with my key, trying to get it into the lock. Suddenly the door swings open and my feet are pulled up from the ground.
The smell of books, cinnamon and Lipton tea surrounds me as I hug my father back. Finally putting me down, he begins on his tirade.

My father’s yelling on the top of his lungs but I don’t care. He’s been gone for only a few weeks but I miss him so much that hug him again, breathing in his scent. Sighing I pull back and start to answer him.

“Dad we should go inside. The neighbors will get annoyed.” I enter our house pulling him in with me.
“To answer your questions it’s 6 and no this is the first time I’ve gotten in this “late.”” Unfortunately I add silently. Having the Sight really hurts my social life, not that my fathers unhappy about that.

He pats my head fondly and says “My, don’t you look prettier. I’m SO SORRY that I missed your birthday. But look I brought presents. You really do look pretty. Do you have a boyfriend? No, I won’t allow it ever! Never ever!!” he heads off into the kitchen were my mom is most likely waiting patiently.

That might be going a bit too far Dad, I think as I walk up the stairs and into my room. Not that you’ll have to worry much my “weirdness” will keep the boys at bay and if not there’s always Cain.

My thoughts taking a depressing turn I quickly change and even before my head hits the pillow I’m asleep. My last thought being “At least it can’t get worse tomorrow.”
Boy was I wrong.

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