It's hard to say goodbye

February 2, 2011
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[Narrator: It is 3 o’clock and two men are waiting for the train to go aboard.]

Alberto: Are you ready for this trip?
Gabriel: Yes, I suppose. It’s the best thing you know?
Alberto: Yes, I know. Are you anxious to see her?
Gabriel: [Nods with insecurity.] I just don’t want things to be different.
Alberto: Different how?
Gabriel: You know, between me and her.
Alberto: I think things will be fine; you just have to give it time.
Gabriel: How much time? I don’t want to get her too overwhelmed. She is pregnant after all.
Alberto: Just do as I say. She’ll eventually warm up to it. She has to, she loves you very much.
Gabriel: Like, I love her. She changed my life in many ways. I don’t know how I could have become the person I am today with out her.
Alberto: She is an amazing woman.
Gabriel: The most amazing there is. I’m sure going to miss this place. So many memories; I lived here, grew up here, had my adolescence, first love, life in general came from here.
Alberto: All you can do now is just come and visit.
Gabriel: [With Sincerity] I don’t think so. I have hurt many people here. Including, Chesley. I think it is best I leave and never come back. That way I can’t hurt any others.
[Narrator: A women with two children passes by as the men talk.]
Gabriel: That’s how I want to live.
Alberto: How?
Gabriel: Like that woman. A happy life with children, if I stay here I will never live that life. I will never settle down if I stay here. I want to make her happy. She is the only thing I have left.
Alberto: Is that what you want or what she wants?
Gabriel: It’s what we both want.
Alberto: You sure about that?
Gabriel: [annoyed] You doubt me?
Alberto: No, you just sound insecure about it.
Gabriel: Well I’m not!
[Narrator: Chesley is visible from afar.]
Gabriel: Here comes Chesley.
Chesley: Hello Alberto, Gabriel.
[Both nod.]
So Gabriel Are you ready to aboard the train?
Gabriel: [Sadly] Yes I am.
Chesley: Okay, I’ll meet you on board.
[Narrator: She kisses Alberto on the cheek and nods at Gabriel, and then walks towards the train.]
Alberto: I guess this is it.
Gabriel: Yes, this is it.
Alberto: It’s best you leave now. It will be less painful. Your sister needs you.
[Narrator: Gabriel looks at Alberto as Alberto gently grasps his cheek before he sets board.]

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