Hang On

January 31, 2011
By Anonymous

Once there was a man that had everything that he could possibly ever want.One day he came home to everything he work so hard to get was gone.Early on in the day his wife hired movers to come and take everything away. Right away the man freaked out and was determined to hunt down the people that took everything from him.the man went to every neighbor he had and asked if the saw anything ,and not one of them did.So the man went looking for his wife to break the news to her.The man went to her work and asked if he may speak with her ,and he was informed that she had quit her job the day before.Then the man realized that his wife is the one person that took everything and left him nothing. So he went searching and searching for her but couldn't find her at all.So he went to his friends house to talk to him bout everything that has happened but when he walked through the door the she was his wife standing in his best friends house.At that very moment something in the mans head just snapped he lost control of him self.the man attacked his friend and tried to hurt him but his wife hit him in the head with a pan and knocked him out cold. When the man woke up he was in the back of an ambulance on his way to the hospital to be treated. What he didn't know is when he is re-least he is going to jail. So now every night the man sits in jail and thinks bout what he did and what happened to him.He decided he would never trust another person again.his hands was stained with blood and his heart was stained with love.

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