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January 29, 2011
By The_mango BRONZE, Decatur, Mississippi
The_mango BRONZE, Decatur, Mississippi
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"Reject anyone or anything that has ever made you feel like you did not belong; or you didn't fit in, or you were not good enough, or great enough; or you were not thin enough, or pretty enough; or you couldn't dance well enough or play well enough"

“Vladimir?” she said in a quiet voice,”Should we be doing this? They're people, just like we were.”
“Are you serious? This is how we survive”, the boy in the dark hood said in an agitated voice, “and in case you didn’t noticed, we haven’t been people in years.”
“You haven’t, but I was just changed last month. I’m sure Zachary won’t be mad if we use older blood.” She said.
“And I’m sure he will be. You know that fresh blood is the only thing that sustains us, older blood will do nothing.” Vladimir said.
“But what if-“ She began to say, her voice sounding more of a plea than a question.
“NO” Vladimir screamed at the top of his lungs, “Great, they heard me. You ready for a chase Clarissa?”
“You know me, I'm always ready!” She said, a sly grin spreading across her face.

Clarissa was generally a very violent vampire, always the first to break into a fight. They say whatever emotion you feel when you are bitten, determines your personality in the after life ,and when she was changed, she was in an argument with a man over land. These arguments broke out quite often in 19th century America. During the argument, a man came out of the shadows and attacked them. The man was killed. As the attacker approached her, his eyes glowing neon yellow and with fangs in his mouth, he was at her neck, but he stopped.
“What is your name?” he asked her, his tone gentle.
“C-Clarissa” she managed to choke out.
Everything went black. The next thing she knew, she awoke in the forest.
“Clarissa?” He said, “How do you feel?”
“Strange” she said.
The man told her his name was Vladimir, and that was not human. Nor was she.

“Let’s go them” Vladimir said. The three vampires lifted their arms. Wings sprouted from their arms. As they began to fly away in order to capture the teens that were running from them, Anna B began to think of how she got here.

It had been almost a month since that night. She was with her friends when they forgot her in a drunken stupor. Alone and heart broken that her friends would do such a thing, she began to walk home. She never made it. A man by the name of Zachary pinned her down behind a building and bit her. Two days later, she awoke, her eyes glowing pink.

The author's comments:
This is the first page of a story I'm writting

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