Princess Forever

January 25, 2011
By NikkiMariutto25 BRONZE, Plantation, Florida
NikkiMariutto25 BRONZE, Plantation, Florida
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The night sky grew darker and darker as the girl stood before her dad in the damp grass. Her long, blue satin dress draped down to the ground as the trees swayed with the cool breeze that sent shivers down her spine. The girl wrapped her sweater around her arms and took in a deep breath. She whispered out loud, keeping her volume at a low level; even though there was no one around that could listen.
“Hi Dad. I just needed to tell you something. Do you remember when I was little, and you called me your little princess? I loved that. Whenever anybody asked what or who I was I knew my answer- I was a princess. I was royalty. Other kids didn’t seem to believe that I was your princess, though. They laughed in my face whenever I told them. But I knew someday, someway, I would prove it to them. I would prove to them that you never lied. I would prove to them that I never lied. I would prove to them that I was your little princess.

Starting high school was tough. I never had time to visit you and talk to you like I am now. But I knew what I wanted to accomplish- making you proud of me. I never really got the chance to when you were around with me. When homecoming week came though, I knew exactly how to do it. ‘Homecoming Princess’ was the title I was after. I worked hard for it too, and tonight was the big dance where they announced all the winners of the homecoming court. And guess what, Dad? I won! I am officially a princess in everyone's eyes. Boy, I wish you could have been there. The whole building was clapping and smiling as I walked up on stage and accepted my crown. Right after I got off stage, I came to see you to tell you the big news. It was no big deal missing the rest of the dance though, so don’t worry about it. But what I realized when I was walking here is that I didn’t care so much anymore about people seeing that I am a princess. All I care about is knowing that I’m your princess. Forever.”
The girl’s legs shook in her heels as she knelt down onto the cold ground. Her hands reached for her sparkling crown that was glistening like the stars above and took it off her head.
“I love you dad,” she whispered as she placed the crown firmly on the ground. The girl took another deep breath and stood up, walking away from her father’s grave like a princess preparing to be a queen.

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