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January 24, 2011
The evening hadn't shifted into morning when Sylva's alarm buzzed, she swiped randomly knocking it to the floor, and rolled out of bed to retrieve it. Frozen on the broken clock's face was "4:45am". She hated waking up so early, but it was necessary to walk to her school. After floating through breakfast, evading the vicious cat and picking out clothes, she finally arrived at the restroom. Preoccupied by the observation that her hair was going to take more work than normal, she didn't notice the peanust butter her little sister had put on her brush! Her sister was one of the many reasons that sylvia was looking into becoming emancipated from her house. Her boyfriend was in college, the terror of sharing a room with her sister, her friends constantly invading her closet, a lack of person freedom, and a freak for a at. Sylvia would be better off living elsewhere.

Speaking of shared living spaces, try sharing with Hannah; the 13- year-old terror. the girl who puts peanut butter on brushes is not the best room mate. especially considering that there has been many similar episodes of mischief. like when Hannah spread baby powder on the wood floor of their room. When Sylvia walked through the door, she slipped and fell, receiving her second ever concussion. Not all of the tension is due to Hannah though, there is the factor of Sylvia's Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD for short); Hannah's mess has been driving sylvia up the wall for too long, so thereis a literla line of masking tape down the center of their room. The point is further illustrated by Sylvia lining her empty bottles of sanitizing bottles are knocked over during the night time, due to Hannah's chronic sleepwalking. Sylvia needs sleep to keep up with her heavy class load, so her sister walking in cirlces in the middle of the night, and jumping on her bed is one of the things she would not miss. Sylvia would have peace of mind if she didn't have to share a room with her sister.

In addition to sharing a room with her sister, she has to share with her sisters cat. "Mr. Grumpy", so she has zero personal space. Mr

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