Locker Room Talk

January 24, 2011
By PBKat SILVER, Palm Beach, Florida
PBKat SILVER, Palm Beach, Florida
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As I walked outside in the peaceful early afternoon hours, I suddenly had an urge to go inside the locker room. I slowly opened the door to a cluttered world. The locker room contained a wretched chaos of unnecessary paraphernalia. It looked like every adolescent girl had literally thrown her junk into massive piles to be forever lost in the black hole that is the locker room. Book bags, clothing, and other feminine “essentials” obliterated the floor’s surface. If anyone would have seen my face at that moment, he would have thought that I was about to undergo cardiac arrest. I could not believe what I saw with my own eyes was real. I quickly sniffed the air, scared that it would smell as bad as it looked. It reeked of sweaty uniforms and old socks, typical, but still utterly repulsive. The locker room is infamous for unpleasant odors and being the prominent facility for gossip. The locker room has a somewhat comfortable ambiance that feels like a hang out spot and a safe haven for secrets to be kept. It’s a place where brawls initiate, drama happens, and crying spells are frequent. The locker room is where girls are the most emotional. Whether someone has just won a volleyball game or a boyfriend has just broken up with her best friend the night before, it evokes many built up feelings to come forth and spew out like a volcano. “What happens in the locker room stays in the locker room.” Unfortunately, nothing insane happened in the few minutes I wandered through that small area. However, this treasured spot will always provide unpredictable circumstances and will forever enlist high schoolers with everlasting memories.

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