I cry lightning-a response to the "arctic monkeys" song crying lightning

January 24, 2011
By ruby12 BRONZE, North Wales, Pennsylvania
ruby12 BRONZE, North Wales, Pennsylvania
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Lashing out, like Zeus on a rampage, my eyes shot lightning bolts of despair and agony each breath shook my body just as the wind rocks the trees. The tiny drops that melt from my eyes, splatter the Earths surface. Everything around me feels my pain. I lash out, I make it rain. Every drop that they see fall from my eyes wreaks havoc. The subtle spasms of my chest as I breath in deep, is like an earth quake shaking the core of the world like every problem that hinders me. I am not a god but I cry Lightning.

The author's comments:
we had to pick an object and expand on it in class, this is what came of my work when i wrote about lightning

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