The Train stop

January 24, 2011
By Anonymous

It had been getting dark. The town had an eerie glow from the streetlights that Nathan had not noticed in the past two days. He looked around and saw that the busyness of the train station was beginning to slowly die down with the last gleaming light of the sun. He took a fast glimpse of his dark brown leather watch that he had just picked up earlier, while window shopping around the town. “A nice watch like this can’t be broken already?” he thought to himself, seeing as it read that it was already half an hour past the time his wife should’ve been back.

He sat there quietly by himself on a bench holding only three things close by, a chain of brightly polished house keys, a small pink baby carriage and a dozen red roses. He had a smile on his face that must’ve been seen by every last scattered person about, because they all shot one right back at him. He had every reason in the world to be wearing this large grin on his face. What his wife was bringing back with her and why he was even here made all this waiting worthwhile.
When the darkness finally decided to take control of the sky, he decided to find the train. He came across a middle aged stout man. The words on top of the building indicated this was a ticket booth so Nathan began to ask the ticket clerk a question, “Excuse me sir, when does the train from Holton get back?” “Trains from Holton don’t even come around here.” he replied disinterestedly.“Well I’m pretty sure they do, because my wife is coming here on a train with our newborn baby girl from Holton.” Nathan said cheerfully. The man gave Nathan a dazed look, and began to search around a pile of messy papers on his desk. “Sir, look I’ve gone through all my records; there is no train from Holton to here, so if you could please start making your way out of the train station. We’re now closing.” The man tried to give Nathan a sympathetic look, but Nathan was not in the mood to see any kind of sympathy from him. Nathan found that he now had no other choice than to start the lengthy walk back to the hotel.

He immediately noticed the concierge smiling right at him as he made his entrance into the hotel. The concierge made a hand signal for Nathan to come over to the desk, “Hello Sir I just received a letter for you in the hotel mailbox.” He quickly set it in Nathan’s hand while keeping the curious smile on his face. Nathan turned away, and found a nearby set of chairs to sit down in. He slowly opened the envelope with his fingers, not caring if he tore it or not, and began to read its familiar cursive handwriting. “Dear Nathan, I’m sorry that you have to find out like this, but I’m leaving you. I’ve had to deal with a lot from you lately, but missing your new daughter’s birth to mysteriously stay in another city, has put it way over the top. You can’t support us financially, and I think it would be better to restart our lives separately. I don’t think you’ll be hearing much from me anymore.- Your wife.” Nathan put his head down in disbelief. He then took out a pen and wrote on the back letter “I was only here to buy a house from money I had just inherited; I wanted to keep it a surprise, but I guess you’ll never know that. – Your husband.” He then got up tiredly, threw the letter away and walked up to his room without looking back.

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