Do You Know Your Family

January 23, 2011
By Ciangel BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
Ciangel BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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In this dimly lit building on a rainy day, is held a funeral. Inside, the funeral home smells of mothballs and old lady perfume. The smell could give you a headache after a while. All the furniture is dark purple and black. All around you see men, women, and children in black. On the floor there is old red carpet that sinks when you take a step. It feels very cold. And all of a sudden in walks a young man who looks tall, tired, wet, lost and confused. He doesn’t know anybody here at his father’s funeral. He had only met his father once a couple years ago.
Then this girl who is short about 5’2 with long blonde hair walks up and says to the young man “Hi, my name is Kara, I’ve never seen you before, were you a friend of Norman’s?” The young man said to her “No, I’m Norman’s son. My name is David” “Oh! You’re Norman’s long lost son! Well then I’m your cousin.” Kara says. “Nice to meet you.” David says. “Nice to meet you too. You look nothing like Norman”. Kara says. “Yeah I look just like my mother people say”. David said. “I must go help in the kitchen”. Kara says. She walks away. Standing there David is feeling more confused then when he walked in. David is wondering why this cousin whom he had never seen or heard about knows that he was a long lost son. It was like she knew of David, but David didn’t know of Kara or the rest of the people at Norman’s funeral. David feels curious. He wonders if this family knew anything else about him.
The thought scares him. David looks around for someone who might look friendly and tell him about the family or his father or any information he could get. He walks in the room where the casket is and sees a man walking away from it. David stops the man and says “Hi, my name is David”... The man interrupts and says in a very loud voice “David! Oh my goodness! David King? We’ve looked for years to find you and you’re finally here”. David had a surprised look on his face. He looked at this tall bald man in an all black suit. David thought he looked a lot like his father.
“I’m your uncle Brian; you’re father’s twin brother”. The man says to David. “Wow, you look exactly like him. Nice to meet you”. David replies. “You must meet your aunt Mary; she would love to meet you”. Brian says. “Sure”. David said cheerfully. David turned around and saw a young beautiful looking lady. She had long brown hair and was wearing a short black form fitting dress and really tall heels.
As she walks closer David can’t stop staring at the lady. She walks up to Brian and kisses him on the lips. “This is my lovely wife Mary”. Brian says. David is surprised to see that this beautiful woman is married to a man at least twice her age. Mary looked no older than 23 years old. The same age as David. “Honey, this is Norman’s son David”. Brian says to Mary. “Oh how nice to finally meet you”. Mary says to David. “Nice to meet you too”. David replied. “We all feel sorry about the loss of Norman”. Mary says to David. “I’m not, I barely knew the man. David replied. “You should join us for dinner tonight so we can learn more about you and I can tell you about the family”. Brian says to David. “Only if you want to”. Mary says. “Sure, that would be nice”. David says.
Later that night after the funeral had ended, Brian and his wife pick up David from the funeral home. While standing in front of the door, David sees an all black Rolls Royce Phantom pull up in front of him. The passenger side window goes down and David sees Brian’s beautiful wife Mary. Mary says to David “Come on and get in the car”. David walks forward and gets into the backseat. Inside the Car it smells like pinecones and sweet smelling perfume. “So where do you live”? Davis asks. We live in Country Club Hills, 250 East Woodlane Drive. Not too far”. Brian says.
They arrive at this big blue house surrounded by a silver painted wooden fence. “We’re here, Welcome to our home”. Mary says to David. Once they all got in David looked amazed as if he had never seen a house so Beautiful. David walks around the house and finds the kitchen. Inside chefs have already prepared dinner. In the dinning room, the table is set with the finest looking china plates and Silverware.
David walks into the living room and asks Mary “may I use your bathroom”? “Oh of coarse you can, let me show you where it is”. Mary replies. Mary and David leave Brian, listening to his music in the living room. Mary leads David upstairs to the guest bathroom. “Here you go” Mary says. “Thank you”. David says. Mary walks out of the bathroom and walks halfway down the hall. David Begins to wash his hands and face in the bathroom sink in from of the mirror. David reaches for a towel and dries his face. As he looks up into the mirror he sees Mary standing in front of the closed bathroom door.
Mary stands there with only a silk red robe on. As Mary walks closer to David he gets nervous. “What are you doing Mary”? David says. “Oh just helping myself. My husband Brian isn’t satisfying me, and you look like the kind of man who can do the job right”. Mary says. Mary is face to face with David and tries to force herself onto him. Mary leans forward closer to David. David is scared out of his mind at what his uncle Brian would do if he caught Mary all over him. As David leans back trying to get away from Mary, he knocks the glass vase off of the bathroom sink. The vase was very loud once it hit the floor and shattered into pieces. So loud that Brian heard the noise downstairs in the living room. Brian goes upstairs to find out what has happened. Brian notices that David and Mary are out of sight, so He decides to look for them to see if they know what caused the noise. Every door down the hall was open except for the door to the guest bathroom. Brian sees the light is on in the guest bathroom so he knocks. “Is anyone in there”? Brian asks. There was no reply. So Brian opened the bathroom door and finds his wife all over David. Mary leans in to kiss David, and gets a surprise slap in the face by Brian. “How dare you do this to me again”! Brian yells at Mary. David looks up at Brian and sees the rage in his eyes. David tries to run out of the bathroom, but Brian catches him and chokes him. While lifting David off the ground by his neck, Brian lets out a loud yell of anger. A yell so loud the Chef heard it, and came running into the bathroom. Before the chef could say a word, Brian snapped David’s neck and threw his body on the floor. Brian pulls out a gun from inside his suit and shoots the cook in the head. Brian turns around and shoots Mary in the head also. Afterwards Brian says “You won’t be cheating on me again now will you”.

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