Safe Haven

January 17, 2011
By Anonymous

Your domicile, your safe haven, your home, this where you’re supposed to be able to go and feel secure. This was not the case for Catherine Genovese

Ms. Genovese was coming home on night from her job when she was luridly attacked by a man in the parking lot of her apartment. The murder was not meticulous, with the man being sporadically interrupted and having to leave. Twice Catherine attempted to crawl to her building, seeking shelter in her domicile, before she was attacked a third time, this time ending her life.

38 citizens witnessed the attack but not one did anything to obviate the assault. When asked why this was it was clear they followed their lax morals, answering they didn’t want to do anything rash or to get involved. Others answered that they conjectured that another witness would call.

35 minutes elapsed before the police were called, by which time the woman was already dead. There is no room for a quip in a sad unfortunate situation like this, and perhaps the saddest thing about it is that it could have been prevented.

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