Tangential Reality

January 17, 2011
O hear me! Hear my cries of sorrow, my pleas for help, for I have not seen the light of day for some time now. I am caught in a boundless sea of confusion! As the great tides carry me further and further away from shore, I am stranded; there is no hand to guide me, no light to show me the way. I cry out, " What deed hath I done, what crime have I committed?" To my dismay, my cry remained unanswered. I felt hopeless! There was nothing I could do, for my fate was sealed. As the waves crashed, I was dragged beneath the surface, slowly descending into the abyss of the sea. I was treading on the fine line between my preconceived reality and my undiscovered universe, disrupting the delicate balance of nature.

As I regained consciousness, my vision became clearer, and I examined my surroundings.
Fish casually swam around me, unfazed by my presence. Sea weed swayed back and forth, in a much synchronized way. The vibrant colors of the coral lit up the sea like street lights light up a city. I was struck with awe as this new world began to unfold around me. I plunged to the depths of the magnificent sea and felt the soft, grainy sand. It was wet and moist, and was rather slimy. As I released the sand from my hand, it slowly disappeared before my eyes, carried away by the current of the sea. By this time, I should have been gasping for air, having been under water for quite some time. But, to my astonishment, there was no need for air. I was flabbergasted; my original notion of life was being contradicted before my eyes. What I truly knew and believed was being disproved. My entire life, all of the joyous and wonderful years, seemed to be a waste. I was being crushed by the shocking reality of this foreign world. It was as if I was dreaming; caught in a fantasy that was far from reality.

Continuing my underwater journey, I swam up a steep sand dune. When I reached its peak, I looked out into the distance. There were dunes that extended as far as the eye could see, extending for unfathomable lengths. I could only stare in awe, beholding their anomaly. Their peaks were covered with underwater vegetation, which were full of vibrant colors; from lush greens to bright yellows. The vegetation was reminiscent of the exotic jungles of the Amazon, filled with eccentric-looking shapes and colors; a truly unique experience for the eye.
I felt safe there. In fact, the feeling of comfort overwhelmed me. The order of life down here was elementary. I was cast with the true beauty of nature; the astounding simplicity, the complete functionality, the reassuring feeling of unity. Peace was ever-so-present, providing the extremely rare comfort of tranquil soothing. A disturbance would ruin the harmony, and would incoherently impede on the magnanimity of nature, as it provided such a serene scene.

As I continued to venture beneath the surface, I came to a narrow passage way. As I slowly squeezed through it, I felt my pant leg get stuck on a rock. I began to panic, as one normally would in a time of peril. I began to feel the life slowly getting sucked out of me. I slowly sank into the depths of fear, gasping for air, seeking the glorious and prestigious oxygen that my lungs desired! O cruel reality! How I longed for the amphibious qualities once more! My heart began to pound rapidly, fearing that I would face my demise in the depths of the ocean. I thrashed about, hoping to free myself from the rock. I had no such luck. I was confined to my underwater grave. I slowly began to lose consciousness, like I did when I slipped beneath the surface. My vision became blurred, and I felt light headed. I saw a bright flash of light, and then slipped into unconsciousness, and began to fear that I would be cast out into the depths of the unknown once more. O loathsome destiny!

I woke up in a haze, lying down on my bed. I could feel the sweat that had accumulated on my forehead. It trickled down my nose like a gently running stream, as its tributaries branched out across the remainder of my face. I could feel the sweat in the palm of my hands, as it was viscous in texture. As I examined my room, I felt a sense of comfort. I was safe at last, free from the terrors of my dream.
Each and every night, I loathe sleep. I never know where the darkness will take me, or what my fate is. I do not know if the dreams are reality, or if they are just an extension of my vast imagination. I cannot differentiate reality from imagination, and the two are slowly beginning to coalesce. I fear that one day I shall never return from my dream-like state, and will be trapped in an unknown and undiscovered world for eternity, living in the misery of darkness.
I sat upright in my large, wooden bed. I wiped the sweat off of my forehead, relieved that my pain had subsided for the moment. In an instant, my world began to twist and turn. I began to slip into the darkness of the unknown once again, unsure of where I was going. I closed my eyes shut, not wanting to view my own cursed destiny. I shielded myself from the horror of it all, hoping that it was only a dream. My hopes were shattered about like the fragments of a mirror, for when I opened my eyes; I was surrounded by a paralyzing and perplexing darkness. Although I was unsure of my final destiny, I knew one thing was certain. The end is always near.

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