Rest in Peace my love

January 18, 2011
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As the pain fills my heart. I feel nothing, no happiness, Just the pain from when i lost him i was put back into my personal hell. It was like i was living just to be in pain. How is a person suppose to live through this pain. its like i have a big hole in my chest. Like when i got the message it hit though my chest took all my heart, while i'm sitting here feeling every last painful touch, now I'm sitting here thinking. starting to become numb to be in a dark painful hole with nothing but hell, I just got use to the feeling of being happy with him. I could never see this coming, i just wish i could ignoring me. but i cant. it starts to get harder to breath. my chest tightens up and my throat gets clogged, I can feel my heart pound. my eyes want to let out the tears i've been holding in. I try to breath and try not tot think about him, but i cant. I failed at him, i should have been there for him. The memories of me and him flood in my head. Stabbing my heart with every thought. I will never get him back, he's gone forever. he left me forever, all my plans gone with a blink of an eye and He's gone. I hear him in my dreams, I see him in my head at night, i can touch him and see him, but he'll be in my head an nothing more, until the day i get to join him. I will forever and always love him. Rest In Peace My one true love

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