The guilt ridden squirrel

January 17, 2011
By Kodygirl BRONZE, Soldotna, Alaska
Kodygirl BRONZE, Soldotna, Alaska
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My name is Lizzie short for Elizabeth. My mom calls me Beth. I hate that name. I’m a squirrel, a flying squirrel to be precise. Actually I am a flying squirrel on Noah’s Ark, to be even more precise. I don’t know why I did it. I just did it. I guess I should explain.

Well it was almost feeding time on the Ark and my mom had told me time and time again, not to go over to the lion pen, especially when it’s almost feeding time. She said they might mistake me for their dinner. So I usually veered away from that side of our pen. But that day I was walking past the pen and heard something suspicious. So I poked my little head under the wall to see what was going on. Well the first thing I noticed was that their pen was much, much, much bigger than ours. The second thing I noticed was two lions taking a nap. The third thing I noticed was two little mice scurrying about around the back of the pen. They were making the most annoying sounds ever. To humans it’s called squeaking. But to animals it’s called gossiping. They were talking about some sort of cow mootiny or something like that. So I tried whispering to them to come over to where I was but it didn’t work they could not here me. So against my better judgment I wiggled under the wall and scurried over to them.

Well while I was scurrying past, one of the lions yawned. Well if you have ever seen a lion yawn you know very well how big those teeth were. Well now try to imagine yourself the size of a 16oz coffee cup right in front of that yawn. Talk about your bad dream. Well I hightailed it out of there. I thought “let those mice dig their own graves I’m outa here!” I was back under that wall in a heartbeat. Thankfully no one was around to see me come out from under that wall. I ran into our kitchen and everyone was just sitting down to eat. So I took my seat and we prayed. About halfway into the meal mom looked at me and asked how my day was. I said good and kept eating. She kept asking me questions, I started to smell something funny, then realized it was lion breath. Mom was asking so many questions, I knew she had to smell that lion breath, how could she not? I knew she knew about the lions. She was just waiting to ask about going to the lion cage then all she had to do was ask the question. The horrid question “did you go near the lion pen today?” There it was. The question I had been dreading the moment she asked that. I knew she knew so I just blurted it out, “Stop playing games you saw me come out of that lion pen you knew that I was in there stop antagonizing me!” there it was a deadly confession.

The author's comments:
I love writing and animals, so i put them together. I have written a couple of books i hope to get published.

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