The Box

January 17, 2011
By Anonymous

“Hurry Evil Victor is catching up to us and the rocket is loosing fuel!” Cassidy shouts.

“I’m trying, but I think we are going to have to abandon the ship!” I said. Cassidy and I break through the opening of the box, laughing and rolling in the grass. The box was what ever we wanted it to be, it could be a space ship, a submarine, a second home or even an orphanage. The box was the best “toy” Cassidy and I ever got to play with until it got ruined by our neighbor Greg.

It was a sunny afternoon the box was in the middle of Cassidy’s backyard waiting to be played with.

“What should we play today Taylor?” Cassidy asked

“How about we are captains on a submarine ship trying to find the city where King Triton rules.” I said.

“Okay! That sounds like fun, let’s get going.”

We spent the whole afternoon playing that we were captains of the submarine searching and searching for this city. We ran into sharks and had to battle octopuses but we took a break when we heard Cassidy’s mom yell “Snacks!”

We ran to the porch looking to see what we got to eat, to our surprise there was lemonade, cookies and watermelon. We ate everything that was set out on the table, I mean after all captain of submarine ships do a lot of work so they work up an appetite. Once we were done eating we decided that it was time to continue the search for the city. When we were walking back to the box we say our neighbor Greg outside with his little kids.

“Hi Greg” Cassidy and I say together.

“How are you doing girls? What are you guys doing with that box? He asked.

“Well we are captains on a submarine ship and we are fighting our way through the sea to find the city where King Triton rules.” Cassidy Said.

“You guys are getting that all from a cardboard box?” He said.

“That’s not just any box” I said “That box can be whatever we want it to be, like yesterday it was a rocket ship.”

“Well you girls have fun”

We continued to play that we were trying to find the city and we were just about to when we heard someone walking up to the box. We didn’t know who it was so we sat there in silence for a little bit. Once we didn’t hear anything for a bit we starting play but then we felt the box moved. The box flipped out we were sitting on the opening of the box, we couldn’t get out.

“Hello, who’s out there? Let us out please!” Cassidy said.

There was a tiny hole in one of the corners of the box since Cassidy and I played with it so much, it was a good source of light also but the next thing we saw was a hose coming in through the hole.

“Please don’t turn the hose on, we don’t want to get wet and it will ruin the box” I said.

“I thought we said it was a submarine.” Greg laughed.

We heard him walk away and the next thing we knew the water was on and we were getting soaked. We rolled over so we could go out through the entrance and we just stared out our box, the place where we could go anywhere in and be anything but now it was ripped, wet and broken.

“You broke our box!” Cassidy and I screamed together.

“It was just a joke.” Gregg said.

“Well it wasn’t a very nice joke since we no longer have a box to play with” I said.

“You are going to have to owe us something.” Cassidy said.

“And what am I going to have to owe you guys?” Greg said.

Cassidy and I started walking in a circle around him listing off all the things he is going to have to get us or let us do.

“We are going to stop going to your book club…”

“And when we turn 16 you have to get us nice cars…”

We kept listening things until we couldn’t think of anything more.

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