thirteen o'clock

January 19, 2011
By jaznomdeplume GOLD, Modesto, California
jaznomdeplume GOLD, Modesto, California
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Good luck enjoying the infinite abyss- the garden state.

Time is measured out in bitter chapters. The uncertainty of another moment is the very thing that keeps us on our toes. I don’t know who could want a watch, who can bare to look at the time. The anticipation of thirteen o’clock is the driving force of hope. A time which will never come. I must learn to live on my own, because waiting for you is an impossibility which i can no longer bare.

I’ve never understood how people can love each other so incredibly much. can you? how can two people be so irresistibly in love and be so sure when all they yet share is a kiss. One kiss. can that be so assuring? is it possible? to fall in love with a simple touch of skin? why then is this rage of passion so rare? in films it seems like out of randomness; two people walking on a street, and suddenly *kiss, instant love. i want it so incredibly bad. to LOVE. to… be assured. how?

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