January 19, 2011
By Anonymous

When there are moments in my life when I need an escape, I consider everything I love in my life and mix it all together to make the perfect setting for myself. The place at which I do this is sitting in the meadow alongside the dirt road passing through the countryside near my home. As I sit in this peaceful spot, I close my eyes and let the slight breeze brush through my hair and kiss my face. I imagine painting the world from head to toe. Every color I use, I create a new mood in the world and encourage imagination to run wild. In some places I paint bright, joyful colors in order to promote the happiness that I am feeling; other times I use dark, harsh colors, which explain my upset mood. Although I have a wide range of feelings, I like to ponder these thoughts regularly when I am all alone in the world, sitting in the peaceful setting of the meadow and the long grass blowing all around me. Ah, if only I may be able to go to this place every day. Everyone deserves a certain amount of simplicity in his or her life. Individuals shall set themselves apart from their everyday lives’ and go to a place in which they feel accepted in their own way.

Although there is much sadness and anger throughout this world, grief is not the last feeling that should be acknowledged. Although feelings of anger may take over and stand out to the naked eye and involuntary conscience, it is necessary that happiness, in the end, outshine the rest of your own feelings. Take a moment each week, as I do, and discover where your setting is that you feel the most accepted and one with the earth. This is completely necessary to keep your own well being healthy.

The breeze continues to sweep across my face and make my hair dance in the wind, reminding me of all the reasons why I should be happy and accepting of this world I was placed in.

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