110 ten word stories

January 12, 2011
By Anonymous

The Game

“Good luck,” said the man to Steve. It’s nearly kickoff. It’ll be Steve’s biggest game of his life. Steve replies, “I know what to do.” The time arrives and Steve walks onto the field. The game goes back and forth. There’s two minutes left and Steve’s team is trailing. It’s fourth down. He knows what play to call since it always works. He hikes the ball, tosses it into the end zone, and into the defender’s hands. He walks off the field with his head down. He sees the man later and receives an envelope from him. Inside is a cut of the money the man had won. Steve smiles.

The Test

“You better do well on the math test Jimmy,” says his mom. “Don’t worry mom I’ve been studying all week.” Jimmy heads to school and has some time to review since his test is eighth period. Tom comes up and says, “It was the hardest test ever.” Jimmy replies, “Crap, I need to pass this test.” The time arrives and he takes the test. He gets home and looks online to check his score. Jimmy yells, “I got the A mom.” She looks so proud of him but as she walks out of the room, Jimmy goes to the bathroom and washes the ink from his palm.

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