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January 12, 2011
By Trevor4069393 BRONZE, Thiensville, Wisconsin
Trevor4069393 BRONZE, Thiensville, Wisconsin
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I’m sitting on a bench in Piggly Wiggly and I look over and see this older woman only getting small items. She has white hair in the shape of a circle and she puts was too much make up on for her age. She is warring a longer light blue dress with a white flour n the shoulder. It is the kind of dress you would find at a rummage sale for 50cents. In her cart she had one can of beans and one half gallon of milk. Now I see her every Sunday and she never gets anything more than just a couple things. What I think is that her family has moved away and her spouse has passed away so she goes to church every Sunday and on her way home she stops at the store to get what she will have for the day or even the week. If you ever see this woman you would never think she is in pain, because she has been hiding it for years. But if you look into her eyes you will see the pain and the hardtack from her life and all the bad things that she has had to overcome. When you talk to her you would never notice unless you really listen to her voice. You can hear the stress from the times she has yelled and in her eyes you can see that there is no more tears to be shed. She has cried her last tear a long time ago. As she lives her life day after day she often wonders what God will send her way

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