The girl that got away

January 15, 2011
By Ms.Anonymous GOLD, Sanford, Florida
Ms.Anonymous GOLD, Sanford, Florida
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"Is this as good as it gets?" I asked as we drove away from the park.
He grinned and answered honestly "I don't know, but I sure as hell hope not."
That's all he could give me, an unsure answer and a very small sliver of hope. "I hope so too." The knot in my throught grew and tightened. I couldn't speak without him noticing the change in my voice. I turned away, watched the trees. Tears filled my eyes and he saw them fall to my lap. "I'm sure things will change for us.." But even he knew only time will tell.
I hesitated... "I'm not sure if either of us are willing to wait for that to happen" The tension built between us, he didn't want to say it himself but he knew I was right. "I know you don't believe me," he spoke slowly as if he wasn't sure if he should continue, "but I'll always love you, even if we aren't together, if we get married and grow old with other people.. You'll always be who I remeber as the girl that got away."
"I know." I grasped his arm and hoped for a day when I wouldn't hurt so much. "You'll always be the one that could never find it in himself to stay." We were parked in front of my house, the car still running like he was ready to leave as soon as I shut the door behind me. He looked at me... just like he used to, his eyes all bright and lit up but only for a second. I watched his eyes grow dull, and his face shift, I wasn't what he was looking for anymore. He said again "I'll always love you." I turned away and shut the door behind me.

"If you love somthing set it free, if it never returns it was never yours to begin with." ~ (unknown)

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