Hectic Day at Work

January 14, 2011
By Anonymous

“Call Marissa and cancel the lunch meeting today. Reschedule it for Tuesday. Make sure the Ocsar DeLaRenta dress will be here for tomorrow photo shoot.” Fiona Chen said as she shuffled through the mass of papers that lie on her desk. I scribbled down as much as I could get of what she just instructed me to do on my notepad.

“Also make sure we have Marx as our makeup artist. I don’t want another blow up like what happened at the last shoot. She stood up from her chair, smoothing out her grey pleated pencil skirt. I followed her to the door and she hesitated with her hand on the doorknob then slowly turned to face me. Her face was expressionless and the only makeup she wore was eyeliner above her top eyelashes that winged out at side and a deep red lipstick.

“Marias out sick so you’ll be covering for her at the shoot.”

I nearly dropped my notebook and stared at her in awe. I was half expecting her to say she was kidding but Fiona’s not one for jokes.

“You mean, I get to help with the models wardrobe for one of the most important photo shoots vogue magazines has ever had?” Standing this close up to Fiona I realized she was shorter than I am, by just a few inches but none the less. I am used to being taller than people, I reach up to 5’’9.

“Yes, this is your big chance, Allison. So don’t mess it up. If you prove to me you can handle this type of commitment, you’ll see this will all be for your benefit.”

“Yes, ma’am. I won’t let you down.” I assured her as I left her office, notes in hand.

As I loaded my books into my car in the parking lot, I relived the conversation I had just had with Fiona. I had to “prove my commitment” to her if I wanted to make this job into my career. I already knew I wanted this as my career so I then promised myself I wouldn’t mess up and that I work to my fullest potential.

The next day at work was hectic to say the least.

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