The Crazy Snow Man

January 14, 2011
By Anonymous

When it was night Josh woke up and went down stairs for a glass of orange juice.
But when he was drinking he heard a big loud sound that was on his basement. But then he tried to open it bItcouldn't’t so he got the key from the key chain holder so he unlocked it and went down to the basement to check what was that noise but then there was something under the blanket that was in the washing machine he got the blanket and took it off then a big ugly crazy snow man jumped out to scare him but then snow and hit him in the head with his hand and said do you think I’m crazy and josh said kind of so the snow man gets mad when it tells him he is crazy.
So on the next morning josh went down stairs to see if that crazy snow man wasn’t there do he just went up but then when it was getting late he just went down stairs to see if he was there and again the snow man was there so he pulled the blanket off him and the snow man scared him again bItkept getting uglier and uglier every minute but then he was so scared that he wet his pants .
So he went up stairs running to his parents room and told then that something was down on the basement so joshes parents went down stairs to see if something was there but they checked everywhere they saw something on the floor with the blanket on top of something so the parents took it off and they started to scream and joshes moms hair went up like something really scared her really bad and the dad screamed liked a girl really bad so they all went up stairs to hide so the dad got a lighter to burn the snow man bItcouldn't’t catch him. So it was all a dream that they were scared!!!

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