Bobo the Fluffy Monkey.

January 13, 2011
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Once upon a time there was a monkey named Bobo. He was the smallest and fluffiest of all the monkeys. His first day of tree climbing lessons was coming up, and Bobo’s parents were worried that he wasn’t going to make any friends. None of the other monkeys would even talk to him at the watering hole, or let him play any monkey games like jumping on the bed, and bumping their head.

Then his fist day of tree climbing was finally here! Bobo was bouncing off the walls with excitement, but his parents had a look of worry as they dropped him off at the door. He walked in with confidence, chest out, big smile. Then he noticed all the monkeys staring at him, and he began to slouch. With every few steps he dropped his head lower and lower until he reached the tree with his name on it. Through all of his lesson he could only think about the other monkies and how pretty they were.

That night, Bobo went home and asked why he wasn’t as pretty as the other monkeys.

“You’re special, Bobo. You aren’t like the other monkey children. You have something they don’t.” His mother would always reply.

Bobo never believed them.

The next few weeks of climbing lessons he sulked through, but luckily he was the best climber in his class! Sadly this didn’t make him feel better about being ‘different’ or ‘ugly.’

Finally, tree climbing lessons were over, and Bobo didn’t have to deal with those mean little monkeys anymore. Little did Bobo know his parents had a huge surprise for him!

The monkey’s king had been growing old. He was beginning to gray, and he wasn’t all together anymore. His family had decided it was time to find a new king, and Bobo’s parents had nominated him.

“Bobo, we nominated you to be king! And, the king has fluffy fur, just like you do!!” His father said.

Bobo got very nervous after his dad said this. He began shaking, and his entire stomach knotted itself. He didn’t want to be king!

The day had come; the king was going to pick the best fitting canadate for king. He had to go through an interview with all of the contestants before choosing, and Bobo was set to go third. He brushed his fur nicely, and he put on his best cap, and he headed out. He waited in line and began to shake. He was sweating and nervous when the king called out Bobo’s name. An hour later Bobo came out to his parents laughing and seeing him happier than ever. His parents were so excited it went well, and at four o’clock, the corwning would begin.

The four o’clock hour seemed to never get there, but finally it arrived. Bobo lined up on stage in front of the entire kingdom (including the stupid monkeys who had made fun of him.) The king asked Bobo and four other contestants to step up. Bobo was in the top four! He had a chance at being king! The king finally pulled out the crown, and began walking back and fourth through the contestants, and was saying something about each top four. Then he finally got to Bobo, and placed the crown directly on his head. Bobo was king! All of his classmates stared at him in shock, but you could see the jealousy growing in their eyes. Three days later Bobo began as king, and he hired all of his tree climbing friends to help. The all treated him nicely, and he lived happily ever after.

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