Taught by the tale

January 12, 2011
Siddarth and Rajiv are brothers. Now they are navigating in the ship to the Grand ma’s house in Paris. For enjoy their holidays with her Grand ma. After a long days they reached Paris.They saw their grandma. She gave a gesture to come fast.

After they reached their house by the hackney-cart. On the day Siddarth and Rajiv are well-enjoyed by entertaining in watching T.v, music like that going on. While seeing this ,her Grand ma tested them in asking some questions. she understand both of them were dull in their education.

So she send a tuition for all subjects to the Master Sarath who was well-learnt scholar. But siddarth and rajiv disliked the tuition too. So they decided to not going to tuition at the time.

First day, Grand ma sent them them to tuition. They said fare-well happily . she thought they are liking the tuition too.At that time they went to theatres, video-game store. And they passed the time by entertaining for all the days.

But her Grand ma didn’t know that they were not step in the tuition once. As usual Rajiv and Siddarth entertaining in theatres instead of going tuition at the time. Master Sarath identified their students who were not stepped once to the tuition.seeing this. Master Sarath called and introduced him to students Rajiv and Siddarth. He insisted them to come tuition.

“If you come to tuition, I’ll give you a summer collection card” which were famous at children to collect and win prize told Master Sarath.
As frequently they accepted to come tuition. Master Sarath planned to teach them, if the children certainly entertained too what will happen? and he decide to tell the moral and legend stories instead of teaching subjects.

Master Sarath told more moral stories for them which bewitched them there. Day by Day they refused to receive the Summer collection card from him. Although he taught them by story, if will not study well, what will happen? and what will teh cause> he explained them by stories well.

While hearing this they haunted to come the tuition twice a day. It enhanced their knowledge well. Her Grand ma was very proud to see their as a scholar.


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