the circles and the squares

January 12, 2011
By ninja-ninja BRONZE, Newport News, Virginia
ninja-ninja BRONZE, Newport News, Virginia
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all we have to loose is our chains

There once was a triangle planet in a triangle solar system in a triangle quasar in a triangle universe. On this planet everything was a triangle except for the people, there was two kinds of people there was the circle people who shared everything and made sure everyone was equal, so all the work they do is for each other, the square people who were greedy pigs and they never shared anything and they hired people to make stuff and then the would sell the stuff and. get almost all of the profit while the workers were paid a decimal fraction of overall profit and have a horrible life. But the workers were from youth convinced that this way of life is fair so the fight for it!

The circle people used to work like this but the workers had a revolution and changed to the current circle system called “sameunism” this idea is accreted to the famous Fredric Marks. But his friend Karl Engles helped him his book was called the “Sameunist Manifest”.

Now the circles are trying to help their square comrades, and show them the ways of a sameunistic world but the squares reject it because there leaders spread propaganda to save there wealth. Like “the circle’s leader kills his own people” but this couldn’t be right considering the squares don’t have a leader. For now the squares are resistant to change but hopefully one day they will realize that the “same” way of life is better than there own.

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has a deeper meaning

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