The Man (The Observer, part III)

January 10, 2011
By Bishop_of_Kender SILVER, Omaha, Nebraska
Bishop_of_Kender SILVER, Omaha, Nebraska
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\"In today\'s society we sometimes forget to balance our hearts and our heads; this is the reason we stop laughing.\"

Well, well, well. The third time’s the charm, eh? I suppose that if you are back so soon, you have discovered something big. Well, out with it then… So, you think you know who I am. Before we can chat about that, we need to talk about one more subject. Death.

It’s a daunting topic, isn’t it? But I think you need a new perspective on it. What do you think about death and the afterlife? Those are very good views, but here is something to think about; people get sad when someone close to them dies. Why? Because they will never be able to talk to them again. But, don’t most people believe that they can communicate with people in heaven through quiet introspection, or prayer if you prefer? So, then shouldn’t they be happy that their loved one died? That person is now infinitely happier in heaven than they ever were on earth.

Then also, funerals. They should be joyous occasions. It is like the Baptism of death. At a funeral, those in attendance are celebrating the departed’s life, not mourning their death. They should save their mourning for the burial and reception.

But I’m not going to force my beliefs on you. I just want you to think about them, you might find something that connects with your deeper self.

Now, then, who do you think I am? Really? That is interesting, I can see where you might have gotten that idea, but I have never thought about that before. Actually, I am a physical manifestation of your subconscious upon the physical world.

Every story I have told, you have experienced from some view point, I just give you another way to think about it. Even stories where I play a part, that was someone else, but your subconscious started to wonder how a person like that might think. And so, it put me in their position and made me think about how they would think. I cannot interact with anyone else, and when I leave your field of vision, I stop existing as you see me now.

I suppose you are thinking about why your own mind would do this, try to change your way of thinking. Well, it is like Scrooge from A Christmas Carol, we (your mind that is) could get a feeling of the direction your life was taking, and we decided to take steps to try and save you from the boring, monotonous life. We have taken an active role in keeping your conscious mind awake and thriving. We don’t know if you have escaped that fate yet, you need to think about everything you have learned from me and the things you learned by yourself. If you can act well upon those lessons, you will not just survive like the majority of humanity, you will actually live.

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