Trapped in an Elevator

January 10, 2011
I was taking the elevator to my apartment, and a man joined me. He's kind of interesting, and I'm not sure why. First off, he's blonde, and kind of short. He's dressed like he just rolled out of bed, and I can't put an age to him.
"Seriously? Wow, okay the elevator is stuck," the man said, which startled me because I had been dazing off.
"Really?" I managed to spit out.
"Really," he said, "I guess we'll get to know each other, I'm Jesus Christ." I just started laughing. Surely he can't be srious, but by the look on his face, I could tell he wasn't kidding.
"Jesus Christ?" I asked in an I-don't-believe-you sort of tone.
"Yes, jesus Christ. Ya know, my dad sends my down here to save the human race and I get nothing but laughed at. Why should I help people who won't even take me seriously?" I started to feel bad, and I tried to console the upset son of God.
"No! They do take you seriously! You're just not what they expect you know? To be honest, you look a lot different than I pictured."
"That's what everyone says," Jesus replied, "I don't know where everyone got this image of being tall and skinny with long brown hair." That made me laugh, which made Jesus start laughing, and the tension was eased.
"Oh!" I exclaimed, "how rude of me, my name is-"
"I know" Jesus said with a smile, and we both started laughing again. We went on talking, well mostly him talking; he already knew everything about me. It went on for what felt like a few hours, until the elevator was fixed. It finally got to my floor. I stepped out and turned to say goodbye, but he was already gone.

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