Two Minds One Body

January 10, 2011
By SMR55 BRONZE, Manalapan, New Jersey
SMR55 BRONZE, Manalapan, New Jersey
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It is an early morning on the city block, from one of the many buildings that fill it a door opens, releasing a powerful stench of alcohol as it widens. A young man steps out into the cool morning air, he is averaged sized, with brown messy brown hair. His most noticeable feature, besides his obvious look of displeasure, is the black eye patch that covers where his right eye once was.

He closes the door and breathes with a bit of relief, smelling non contaminated oxygen. The city’s air was far from country clean but compared to the wretched smell of beer and liquor that filled his house, it was a serious improvement. He throws the hood of his black sweatshirt over his head and heads up the block, his book bag slung over his shoulder.

The boy reaches the tall gates of the local high school and makes his way through them with a sigh, “Another day of torture…” he thinks to himself as he forces himself inside.
As he heads to his homeroom in a daze, a possible side effect of breathing in the noxious fumes that the open bottles of alcohol laying in his house throughout the night, he bumps into someone. He quickly turns to see a pretty girl with long waving brown hair.
His face begins to glow red as he reaches out to make sure she’s alright, “I-I’m really sorry about that!” but suddenly the look in his eye changes, something comes over him and his demeanor quickly transforms,
“Watch where you’re going!” he barks at the girl.
His face quickly glows red as he realizes what has just come from his mouth, “I’m so sorry about that!” he says, turning back to his normal manner.
He recognized the girl, Lacey Thompson, she was his age and really nice, too nice for his darker half’s tastes. A group of boys, well boys may not be the correct term as they were all shaped like gorillas, watched the scene.
That’s that freak…Nick Slater right?” one asks.
“Yea, one eye, one hand, total whack job,” another replies.
“Looks like he’s harassing some girl, we’d better help boys,” they all approach the scene, encircling Nick like sharks, “There a problem here?”

Lacey holds her hands up, “No, no, just a little accident.”
“They give her a slight push to the side and turn their attention to Nick, “Causing problems again…?” he says, cracking his knuckles.

“No I just-“ the frightened look on his face quickly changes, “Yea! Maybe I am! What’re you gona’ do about it.”
The group quickly grins, “Oh, a tough guy eh?” they begin to close in on him.
“What! No!” he shouts, his scared appearance returning, “David! If you wana’ fight get out here!” he shouts but it’s too late, they begin to pummel the boy.

A confusing scene, yes, but it all makes sense if you go back, 7 years ago, to a car accident that changed Nick Slater’s life forever. His mother drives in their old Buick, his brother after a long battle for the front seat, enjoys the view from the seat next to her. Nick sits in the back by himself, annoyed by where his lack of skill in rock paper scissors has landed him. Though his emotions quickly change as he eyes an SUV run a stop sign and ram into the side of their car. The vehicle tumbles and rolls until it crashes into a telephone pole. The pole shakes until finally landing on top of the car, crushing his mother and the electricity from the electrical box coursing through the two Slater children. His brother takes the majority of the shock due to his position in the front seat, while the remaining still does a number on Nick. As a piece of shattered glass stabs into Nick’s right eye, he blurrily sees his crushed mother’s hand and his fried brother’s body before passing out from the shock.

When he awoke in the hospital the next day he was missing his right eye as well as his right hand, but he had gained something else: The voice of his new mind neighbor, David. The trauma from the accident had caused split personality disorder, something that no amount of therapy was ever able to cure. The accident also left him with severe memory loss, leaving him with no memory of his family or the rest of his past, which is likely for the best.

As the bell rings back in the present day, the gorilla like students head off to class, mumbling something about the boy that they had just beaten to a pulp. Nick slowly gets to his feet, wiping some blood from his cheek.
He heads out of the school gates slowly, “Just running away huh Nick…” he says to himself.
“Yea David, actually I am. I hate when you get me into crap like that and just leave!” he shouts, his voice filled with frustration.
“Hey, you pushed her! And I’m trying to toughen you up! Geez, you’re such a baby,” he says, shaking his head.

Nick ignores him and continues to head home, he soon reaches their city block, and as he spots his drunken uncle’s house where he is forced to live David catches something in the corner of his eye, “That freak’s back…”

“You calling someone a freak is beyond ironic,” Nick says with a roll of his eye, but he was right, that guy Batker that lived a few doors down was watching them from his window. He seemed to make it a habit; he was suspicious of the boy, but who wouldn’t be suspicious of a guy that talked to himself on a daily basis, “Why do I have to be insane…” Nick says to himself as he crashes into his crusty old bed and falls asleep.

“That’s what you think…” he says, rising from his bed. While Nick is dozed off in their subconscious David runs the show, “All those years ago…” his mind fades back to the day of the fatal accident, because it wiped the young boy’s memories, he doesn’t recall that David was that boy in the front seat, he is his brother. The electrical current may have destroyed his body but it transferred his mind into Nick’s body, “And if he thinks I’ll just stand on the side lines while he gets to live his life he really is crazy,” David says, looking out the window at the city block. The anger from losing his body has given him a new perspective on life, “The world will share my pain…And I’ll watch it all as their ruler…” he walks back to the bed and leaps back into it. He stares up at the ceiling with his one eye, “And if my little brother’s weakness continues to get in my way I’ll take care of him as well…” he says before closing his eye, a demonic grin on his face as he dozes off.

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