Introductions Are In Order

January 10, 2011
By DillyBopper BRONZE, Glenville, Minnesota
DillyBopper BRONZE, Glenville, Minnesota
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"A bend in the road is not the end of the road, unless you fail to make the turn"-Unknown

Fish. Fish are a rather perplexing concept-specifically fish in a fish tank. They swim, mostly in circles (some might get risky and try figure eights, but that can get tiring) and they eat. Well, they don’t eat; at least not all of the time. They spend all of their time looking. For food. Apparently no one has the decency to tell them that they aren’t going to find any. Or that the food is given to them, periodically…
No, more rhythmically. Perhaps if they were to find the rhythm.. But that would mean they could keep a beat and be able to write songs. And I haven’t heard of any songs written by fish… Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a fish say anything. Maybe they are mute and in turn write mute songs… I can’t imagine they would be very interesting. That could explain why they swim in circles… They don’t have the ability to talk, so they can’t tell themselves not to swim in a circle. But now I’m just rambling…
There is the possibility that the water could stop them from talking. We could take them out and see what they say, and maybe listen to a few songs… But I would imagine they wouldn’t have much to sing about. Being that they are fish and swim in circles-looking for food that isn’t there. Someone could teach them shapes.. Yes, then they could swim, not only in circles, but in triangles and squares! Yes, that would be much more exciting… Maybe they could write a song then… After all, songs these days don’t seem to do much but keep repeating themselves… Maybe they could get exciting singers names, like Sir Swimz A Lot or The Big Finned Fish.. Nah, that last one was quite poor (I guess that’s why I’m not in charge of giving singers names) But that’s a whole other topic… Maybe if we gave them thumbs.. No, that is just non-sense, thumbs would be much too big and clumsy on such small fish… Besides, they would probably try to eat them… Anyways, I need to get back on track. What was I saying? Oh, yes.. They spend most of their time looking for food that is given to them by their masters. But they don’t know their masters… So, logically, they wouldn’t know where the food is coming from. Therefore, if you would simply introduce yourself to your fish, they could stop looking for food all the time and get something done… Like maybe they could join a club or start a sewing circle… I do enjoy myself a good sewing circle… Oh, but they don’t have thumbs… Maybe they should stick to what they are best at… Well, they aren’t really good at anything, unless you count swimming… Hmm… I feel this article has trailed off and lost all purpose… Ah, well… Thanks for reading anyways…

The author's comments:
I am always forced to write "inside the lines." So I wanted to try something a little different. This is what came out. Raw, unprocessed thought-Enjoy :)

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