November 11, 2007
By Jaimi Mayfield, Willaimson, GA

It takes a lot to love a cowboy especially one in the rodeo. To them their life depends on that eight second ride. They get anxious and ready to go,they can't eat can't sleep and when they think of the big day the can hardly breathe.They work their whole life to be the best that they can be. You try to tell them that is not why you love them,but their pride won't let them see. They dream of nothing but the rodeo. In a way it's funny all that love and compassion coning from a boy but how that love grows with them as they become a man,so does your love for him.He's going to have his bad days and the crowd will give their support in every way they can,but you as his girlfriend understands how he feels if he falls, but you go on loving him as nothing had happen at all.

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