The Song in His Head

January 9, 2011
By Sidnee GOLD, Boonville, North Carolina
Sidnee GOLD, Boonville, North Carolina
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It was late summer that year when I, Dr. Watson and my friend, Mr. Sherlock Holmes went on an adventure full of love, passion, and death. It was on that day which we got a phone call about a new case in Paris, France. After hearing that Bell Johnson daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Johnson had been murdered we rushed to the train station and caught the next train to Paris. When we first arrived we went to the Johnson’s house to get the full story on what had happened.
Mr. Johnson then told us what had happened that awful night. He and his wife had just gotten home and Bell was supposed to be out with some of her friends. When Mr. and Mrs. Johnson arrived at home though Bell was at home she said her friends had canceled and she was going to stay in her room, but later on that night Mr. Johnson heard voices coming from Bell’s room he got out of bed to see who it was. When he went into her room she seemed to be asleep but then he heard a noise coming from her closet. He opened the door and her boyfriend, Jack Hillson was in her closet. Turns out she had been sneaking him in a lot lately because she never got any time to be alone with him. Mr. Johnson then made Jack leave and told him to never come back. Bell tried to run away and be with Jack that night but Mr. Johnson wouldn’t let her leave his sight. After she finally went to bed so did Mr. Johnson but at about 3:00am he heard screams coming from Bell’s room. He burst into her room and there she was lying on her bed dead with no one there not even her window was open. “I say Mr. Johnson that is odd but I believe that there is an answer to what happened to your daughter”.

Just then Jack Hillson burst into the house. He looked quite normal for a young man who just lost his young love. As soon as he realizes that I and Mr. Holmes are there he started crying and pretending that he was so upset. He then started to ask questions and see what we knew. I told him “We don’t know much but we plan on figuring out who did kill Miss Bell Johnson and not to worry about a thing”. At that very moment fear shot thru his eyes he said in a very fast voice “I must be off goodbye” He ran out of that house as fast as he could almost knocking over Sir William and Holly Heart.

As they got to Bell’s room they both said “Mr. Holmes we need to speak with you in private”. Mr. Johnson said “You may use the sitting room”. “Hi, Mr. Holmes my name is Sir William and this is Holly Heart. We have some information that might be valuable to you.” “Pray Continue” said Mr. Holmes. “We know that Mr. and Mrs. Johnson had a lot of money invested in Bell so her dying would bring a lot of money into the Johnson house hold.” “Thank you for giving me that information but I don’t believe that the Johnson’s would kill there only daughter”. “Only daughter! Why they have another daughter who is older she is already married and moved out with a child of her own.” “Hmm interesting” said Mr. Holmes. “If what you say is true then maybe their other daughter needed money and they knew they could get in by killing Bell” said I. “Yes indeed that could be it but I still don’t believe that they would have killed their daughter” said Mr. Holmes.
As night was getting closer we decided to leave the Johnson’s house and go back to our hotel. As we were leaving we heard footsteps walking behind us, I turned around but nobody was there. I don’t believe Holmes suspected a thing because he never said anything. As we kept walking I kept hearing footsteps but never said anything. As we approached the hotel and got inside I turned around for a slight moment and saw a black figure. When we got in our room I told Holmes what I saw. He said “I heard the footsteps as well but I wanted them to keep following us till we arrived here.” “Why?” I asked. “Because then I knew they would make the mistake of getting seen. I do believe that it was Jack but I could be wrong.” “He does seem suspicious I said.” “Yes indeed he dose but we must not jump to conclusions it very well could be Mr. and Mrs. Johnson.” “Indeed it very well could be but do you really believe that the richest people in Paris would kill there only daughter?” “I don’t know my dear Watson but I’m hoping we will find out tomorrow night when we go to dinner at the Johnson’s.”
“Hi Mr. Holmes and Dr. Watson” said Mr. and Mrs. Johnson “Good Evening” we both said. “How is everything?” asked Mr. Holmes, “Fine” replied Mr. Johnson. “Will is anybody else joining us tonight?” I asked. “Yes, Sir William and Holly Heart will be here soon I believe” replied Mrs. Johnson. “What about Jack?” asked Mr. Holmes? “We invited him but were not sure that he will come, he’s been very upset because of Bell’s death they were engaged you know” said Mrs. Johnson. “They were?” We both said together. “Well yes he asked her to marry him not long ago actually” said Mr. Johnson. At that moment there was a knock at the door it was Sir William and Holly Heart. “Good to see you two” they said to Mr. Holmes and I. “Good to see you two as well” said I. “Well since I don’t believe Jack is going to show lets all go into the dining room” said Mrs. Johnson but just as she was saying that another knock came upon the door. When they opened the door it was Jack. “Well hello Jack” said Mr. Johnson “Nice of you to come.” “Why don’t we all go into the dining room now” suggested Mrs. Johnson. As we walked into the dining room Jack screamed out “I did it I did it I killed Bell!” Everyone turned around in amazement, none of us knew what to say. Then he started to run Mr. Holmes chased after him yelling back at us “call the police, call the police!” Finally he caught up to him and hand cuffed him then brought him back to the Johnson’s house.

When the police finally got to the Johnson’s home they put Jack in the car but as they were putting him in the car he said “wait I need to tell them something.” Mr. Holmes went up to him and asked him “why did you do it?” Jack answered and said “I didn’t mean to it was just suppose to be a stupid game and it went to far I told her we shouldn’t have used that real knife but she wouldn’t listen she insisted we use the real one.” Mr. Holmes then interrupted him and said “what game was this exactly?” Jack said “some game she said that it was like a drama act I kiss her and she actually hates me and pushes me off her then I get mad and stab her but not for real but it didn’t turn out that way. I went to pretend stab her and she moved and I accidentally stabbed her for real.” Mr. Johnson then stepped in and said “but when I went in there yes there was blood but no knife what happened to the knife?” “I took it” said Jack because “I knew if I left it you could have figured out it was me that stabbed her.” “Is that all you have to say?” asked Mr. Holmes. “No I only confessed because I could hear her beautiful singing in my head” said Jack. “Hmm interesting” said Mr. Holmes.
As the police car drive out of sight Mrs. Johnson said “can you hear that, can you hear that singing its Bell!” “Well that is interesting” I said. When the police cars were out of sight Sir William and Holly Heart said “we have an announcement.” “What is it?” asked Mrs. Johnson. Holly got a really big smile on her face and said “were getting married!” “I’m so happy for you” says Mrs. Johnson. “Congratulations” Mr. Holmes and I say. “Well we must be getting off” says Mr. Holmes. “Thank you so much for coming and don’t be a stranger, come back anytime” says Mr. Johnson. “You’re very welcome, we have enjoyed working on this case” says Mr. Holmes. “Good luck to you all” I say. “Good-Bye”
The End

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