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January 12, 2011
By AshAsh8484 GOLD, Centerville, Iowa
AshAsh8484 GOLD, Centerville, Iowa
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I woke up to my alarm clock going off so I turned it off, and like all teenagers rolled over and tried to go back to sleep. When I couldn’t go back to sleep I decided to get up and get ready for another day of school as I went to the mirror that was reflecting everything it could see. I noticed something that scared me. My knees started to shake. I started to hyperventilate. I see nothing in the mirror; I still see my computer desk and my bed but not my short light brown hair or my hazel eyes. Why couldn’t I? Was this a prank or am I a vampire? I hear the door to my mom and dad’s room open. Maybe they will know?
I go out and see my mom crying her brown eyes out, but why? Where’s dad? I try to find him and ask him about why mother was crying, but when I found him he was on the phone crying. Why is everyone crying? I look at the time and see it’s 7:40. I’ll ask later I head for school. When I got there my friends were acting the same way. Crying.
Who died? So I went to ask Angel, but she didn’t talk to me. What did I do? Is she mad?
“Why did she have to go so young,”
“How can someone be so sick to do that,”
“I hope there catch the jerk who killed her,”

What’s going on? Who got murdered? Why isn’t anyone talking to me?
“Attention students and staff, because of the loss to a student school will be canceled until tomorrow. Thank you,”
Everyone started to leave the building. I started to walk home. While I was doing that I started to think. Maybe this is some dumb joke, then why would they cancel school for it. How could you find a trick mirror?

I got home and went to my room to type, after typing for three hours I heard someone come in the door. It was my mom and dad dressed in black but why? Then dad put something next to my grandpa’s ashes. I went to the dinning room to find out, there next to his ashes was a pamphlet for someone’s funeral. Then I realized it was for my funeral. How? When did I die? Why am I still here?

Then my reminder for HLN News came on. My mom and dad sat on the couch like they had something to see.
“Last night was a sad night for the Smith family, they lost their oldest daughter and sister to the Midnight Killer. The report came in around 12:30 am last night, and as you know the Midnight Killer always kills a young teenager at midnight. Drew is with us now at the scene. Drew.”
“Yes. Well I’m here in the small town where the young girl had once lived. Everyone one here is most devastated about the loss of the young girl. If you look behind me you can see that the town folk have made a little shrine for her. Now here with me is the chef of the town Chief Poe. Chief Poe, do you have any suspects at this time?”
“Well right now we are just trying to see if she knew the person at this point. Right now no one can get in or out of town.”
“Are you worried about the other teenagers in the area?”
“Well of course we are. The usual curfew is around 12 AM, but we had decided to shorted it to 10 PM.”
“Has there been any other killings in this town before?”
“Well this town isn’t perfect but it is rare to have a murder in this town.”
“Thank you Chief Poe, let us know if anything comes?”
Your welcome, and we will.”
“Back to you Tess,”

I couldn’t believe it I’m dead and not among the living, but why is it that I’m still here? My knees started to shake again. I can’t breath. Then it started to get brighter and brighter. I look behind me and I saw my deceased grandfather and I followed him. I see that he had wings where are we going?

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