The Building

January 2, 2011
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As I walked down the streets of Turin, Italy, I saw many strange buildings. Some were filled with shoppers and others with residents…except this one particular one that was in an alley and looked like a jail. I was curious but kept walking, because I knew not to go into alleys. The next day I went by the alley and sat and watched the building for an hour, no one came or went. So I asked a guy walking by, who looked like he lived here his whole life, what the building was. With amazement, he said, “What building…there is no building stupid boy!” I was so confused. I was looking right at the building. I then asked another person, and they didn’t see it either. Now, I was bound and determined to find out what this building was. I was worried that something may happen to me, but I went up and knocked on the door. A little man about three feet tall answered the door. I asked what this was, and he announced come in young man. When I was fully in, he snapped his fingers and the room I was standing in changed into a toy making shop. All of the people were about three feet tall and had pointy ears. I exclaimed, “Is this Santa’s workshop?!” The little person standing next to me said, “Yepp and we are all elves.” I turned and asked, “Why can’t some people see this building?” “They don’t believe,” he answered with a chuckle. “Wait! So where’s Santa?” I exclaimed. “He won’t be here til Christmas Eve. He only comes here to get the toys for Italy and then goes to the workshop in the next area.” he replied. “So how many workshops are there?” I said with confusion. Without hesitation, he answered, “2,894 ½.” “How do you have half a workshop?” I pondered. “Well…it’s just a rest stop so it really isn’t one,” he replied, “well enough chitter-chatter, let me show you around.” We began walking down a hall with doors lining each side. There must have been more than three hundred doors in a building no bigger than a small house. I was so surprised when my phone vibrated, because I was in a daze. It was my mom saying I had to be back at the hotel so we could go to dinner. I said goodbye to all the elves but asked if I could come back Christmas Eve to meet Santa. They told me I could. I left and came back two days later and met Santa. That was the best part of going to Turin, Italy.

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zero_123 said...
Jan. 11, 2011 at 6:19 pm

oh love....well written kept me smiling the whole time. your stories are just like you. happy go lucky, random, and take place in some part of the world (or your mind) that no one knows about. love you :)


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