January 2, 2011
By Smartygirl625 PLATINUM, El Paso, Texas
Smartygirl625 PLATINUM, El Paso, Texas
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Love, for a guy, is just a chapter... but for a girl, its the whole book.

As she looks at the one she loves, she sees the lost hope that he carries. It is a lost cause to be in love; they both know this, yet they both lie to eath other, lie to themselves, praying that this will work.
She thinks back to what she has done and wonders if her sins are bad enough to deserve this. Yet she waits, praying that he will one day love her, though she knows deep in her heart, that she will always be second best.
He lays his head against his desk, trying to block out the world. Sleepless nights filled with worry and confusion threaten to pull him into the dark madness of his mind. He glances at the girl staring at him, then quickly looks away before she can see. She is the one he claims to love, but, though he holds feelings for her, he loves someone else. And she is in love with her boyfriend.
And so they will stay with each other, even if it means that they will never be happy.
As I watch this scene, I feel sorrow for both of them. And still, questions pop into my head. If love is so great, why does it cause so much pain? How did a once beautiful thing turn out this way? Yet humans are cruel things. When the bell rings for us to leave home, I will go comfort him. Because humans are selfish beings... Because I love him... Because this love and these feelings will forever remain unknown.

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