Glass Door

December 30, 2010
By Lopez1516 SILVER, Little River, South Carolina
Lopez1516 SILVER, Little River, South Carolina
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"When you live forever what do you live for"?

There are times where we are strong, but other times we crumble. I am trapped behind a glass door, you can see me, but can you hear me? I pound on the glass, so delicate yet so strong. It wobbles a little making me think I have control, but in the end I’m only the girl behind the glass door………

I can hear them, even here in my trap. Do they not know I’m here? They think there is no one around so they fall into tears. I try to stretch out my hand but the glass burns me and I recoil. I see them so helpless and defenseless, but just like them; there is nothing I can do. I fall close behind them and cry with them. Tears of sorrow escape us, but though I can hear them, they cannot hear me. Soon they grow tired so they get up to leave. One look back to remind them of their tears and they walk away. Never to come back…………………………………………………

The night seems to blend with the day and soon everything becomes dry. I lay across the floor so weak, so breathless. My tongue is dried and my eyes burn. I cannot afford to cry, I cannot afford to waste it. Someone comes up to the glass. They stand there and look through it. They spread out their hands on the glass and whisper help me. Soon their hands start to crumble and fall apart like sand. Everything begins to fade and I see nothing, but darkness………………………

A little girl stood in front of me, her hand reaching for mine. When she touched me I smiled at the warmth. We walked through the darkness silently, still holding each other. I held on because I could not leave her. I held on because I was afraid of being alone. I held on because this was where I…………………… belonged

The author's comments:
The wall represents the imaginary wall my heart makes to protect me.

The people crying show how I'm always there for others, but they leave me with no second look.

The little girl represents how I used to be and how I wish things were like they were before.

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