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December 30, 2010
By ipromisee SILVER, Oxford, New Jersey
ipromisee SILVER, Oxford, New Jersey
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I would have never thought that this could happen to me. This only happened to the girls in the big cities, and on the television shows. I couldn’t wrap my head around what just happened. How did this happen in my small, safe town? But the most obvious question was, Why did this happen to me? I was referring to what had happened to me on the night after my birthday. The night that changed me and my family’s life. The person that could never be forgiven. The night no one would forget.

The day after my birthday was the day I would relax from the excitement from turning sixteen. I was at home, tired, watching a video my mom had taken at my sweet sixteen. In the video, people were yelling my name, “ERIN! ERIN!” Just hearing my friends yelling my name, made me feel so gushy. That was a night I would always remember.

After turning off the video, I got a text from my best friend, Deanna. She wanted me to go to her house. I wanted to go, because I was bored out of my mind, but I also had a bad feeling. I ignored it, and I quickly changed out of my sweats. Telling my mom I was going to walk just down the street to Deanna’s house, made her feel a little worried. Since it was turning dark outside, but she got over it. Walking over to Deanna’s was the easy part. The walk home was the most horrible.

After spending two hours at Deanna’s, I thought it was time to run home. Deanna offered to give me a ride, but I declined. “What could happen?” I asked her. Now I know, what could have happened.

I stepped out onto Deanna’s porch. I turned back to wave goodbye, then started to walk down the steps. The street lights made the road very creepy looking. No cars go down my road, because I live in a dead end. I tried walking really fast, but it felt like I just kept going slower. I quickly tried to find my cell phone in my purse, and of course I left it at home. Wow, wasn’t I dumb. I was half way towards my house, when I realized I saw something lurking in the shadows across the street. I shrugged it off. Now almost jogging, I saw something from the corner of my eye speed across the street behind me. Freaking out, I started running. All of a sudden I started hearing footsteps running after me. Still not home. This was the longest road ever. Something tugged my purse over my shoulder. I was yanked back, and dropped on the concrete. Suddenly I felt something go deep into my stomach. It was a knife. Someone had just stabbed me. I could feel thee blood rushing out of my body. Again, the knife now punctured me for the second time. I couldn’t scream. I bet the murderer was thinking, I was the best kill, since I couldn’t talk. I heard the breathing of the deadly killer. The last stab went right through my heart. Everything went black. I was now dead.

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Here's the first chapter of one my story "Happy Sweet Sixteen". Please give me some advice of what I should add, take out, etc.

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